DVD Review: Sinister House

I’ve just lost about an hour and a half of my life, time I will never retrieve. Okay, so that may sound like a dramatic opening for a review, but I guess I’m trying to highlight how annoyed I am with the film I just watched. Its funny how precious time...

DVD Review: Robot Overlords

It’s the near future, three years after a race of giant killer robots have invaded the Earth, subjugating humanity, declaring martial law, and confining the population to their homes under virtual house arrest where they are monitored night and day by...

DVD Review: Run All Night

“I’ve done terrible things in my life,” Liam Neeson’s haunted Irish Mobster mournfully intones in his latest collaboration with Jaume Collet-Serra (who directed him in Unknown and Non-Stop) Run All Night, “Things for which I can never be...

DVD Review: Cub

If you go down to the woods today, you’re going to get…well, a pretty impressive horror flick actually. Taking the familiar tropes of the summer camp slasher flick and giving them a very welcome overhaul, writer/director Jonas Govaerts has presented us...
mermaid (2)

DVD Review: Killer Mermaids

Tweaked from its original UK title Nymph, Killer Mermaids is a Serbian monster movie about a murderous fish-bottomed lady a la Ariel but without the red hair and Disney smile – her teeth are pointier. The film takes a mythological character with a pinch...

DVD Review: The Treatment

The death of innocence is perhaps the cruellest and most devastating crime of all, and as such depictions of such a heinous corruption are treated in cinema with both aggressive and tender examinations. Hans Herbot’s thriller The Treatment, based on the...

DVD Review: The Gunman

In a world where Taken has become a franchise and the Expendables has found much joy out of bringing the good ol’ boys of action back to the fore, the recent trend of older actors kicking arse has been welcomed into the hearts of modern audiences. Such...

DVD Review: The Face Of An Angel

When English student Meredith Kercher was murdered in 2007 while studying in Italy and her flat-mate Amanda Knox was charged with her murder (along with boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and friend Rudy Guede), the resulting cack-handed investigation and media...

DVD Review: The Dead 2

Back in 2010, the directorial team of the Ford Brothers made waves with their original The Dead, a vibrant, fresh take on the well-worn zombie genre that added some much-needed bite to tired traditions. Mixing in-your-face gore and frantic action with an...

DVD Review: Sacrament

Not to be confused with Ti West’s starts-off-great-then-blows-the-ending The Sacrament, Sacrament is an ultra-low budget offering that takes us back to cannibal culture. It also has a sad hook, being the last film appearance of Texas Chainsaw Massacre...

DVD Review: The Boy Next Door

When he won the Oscar for his role in Hannah And Her Sisters, Michael Caine famously was unable to pick up his wee gold man as he was in the Caribbean shooting Jaws: The Revenge, a film so awful it prompted Caine to state years later: "I have never seen it,...

DVD Review: The Voices

Some things you just never expect. A case in point: at a friend’s birthday drinks recently, I fell into conversation with a self-described pom pom maker. Someone who makes their living making POM POMS! That could only be described as…unexpected. On a...

DVD Review: It Follows

It Follows. It. Follows. Evocative, mysterious, bold and pure. Rarely does a title so perfectly encapsulate the mood and mastery of the film it represents, but for David Robert Mitchell’s remarkable horror, it stands as a testament to a film...

DVD Review: Blackhat

Movies about computer hackers, well, they tend to…kinda suck. I mean hacking isn’t really a spectator sport, is it? Which is why every movie ever made about hackers features the same ludicrous stereotypes; upbeat techno music, cyber raves, characters with...

DVD Review: Hazard

Atrociously acted, poorly scripted and lacking any real scares or tension, my immediate plan after watching Hazard (or Hazmat as it was known in the US) was to lay into it big time. But for some reason, and I’m still not sure why, I actually ended up...

Rental Review: American Heist

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. If there’s a lesson to be learned from American Heist, it’s that. Well, that and any bank job that relies upon the participation of jittery, nasal, sad giraffe face Adrien Brody is doomed to...

DVD Review: 2 Jacks

When you hear a film is based on a short story by Leo Tolstoy, perhaps the first reaction is one of dread. The works of Tolstoy are so delicately woven and expansive; the task of taming them in cinematic form is far from easy and has conquered many a fine...

DVD Review: In The Blood

By Liam Freeman And here we go again – yet another British film that revolves around heists and gangs. Just that simple sentence is often enough to stir up very mixed opinions, meaning that many films that deserve to be shouted about get swept away...