DVD Review: Beneath

I think it’s safe to say that at some point of pretty much every review you will read for Beneath, Brit shocker The Descent will be referenced. I know, I know, I’ve just gone and done the same, but the point I want to make is that by shunting in Neil...

DVD Review: Open Windows

In the modern age of near unrestricted access and connectivity, through the marvels of the technological web spun between all of us, bringing us closer to objects of desire that once were seemingly out of reach, a new world of fears have been born. With...

DVD Review: The Samurai

Every now and again comes a film that gives you something you have never seen before. More rare still, is a film that gives you something you’ve never seen before…and is absolutely remarkable. Till Klienert’s Der Samurai is such a rare delight; it is a...

DVD Review: Day Of Anger

Although he may never have achieved the mainstream recognition his talents probably deserved, there is little doubt in my mind that Lee Van Cleef qualifies as an iconic actor. Whether it be in the likes of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, or Escape From New...

DVD Review: Interstellar

“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars…Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” muses Matthew McConaughey early in Interstellar, articulating not just his astronaut-turned-farmer hero Coop’s own...

DVD Review: The Drop

Shy, good-natured and softly spoken, Bob (Tom Hardy) is the kinda guy we all know but never see; the kinda guy you see around the neighbourhood, at church, at the store, on the street. Friendly but not too friendly, keeps himself to himself. Not too chatty,...

DVD Review: Starry Eyes

How far would you go – and what would you do - to become a star? Sleep with a producer? Kill your friends? Not just metaphorically, but maybe literally, sell your soul to the devil? That is the intriguing central premise of co-directors Kevin Kolsch...

DVD Review: Clown

Thanks to the recent Ross Noble pile of poo that was Stitches, news of another clown-infused slice of horror cinema filled me with more dread than excitement. But this effort, directed by Jon Watts and given the ‘Eli Roth presents…’ stamp, promised...

DVD Review: Extraterrestrial

Having planned to spend a quiet, romantic weekend at her divorced parents' cabin in the woods, April (Brittany Allen) is less than impressed when boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma) invites douchebag best bud Seth (Jesse Moss) and disposable gal pals Mel (Melanie...

Rental Review: Avenged

Let’s be honest here friends – when you receive an online screener via email for a no-budget horror flick concerning a deaf-mute woman possessed by the spirit of a vengeful Apache warrior, you’re not going to be expecting much. In fact, I’ll admit...

DVD Review: Continuum

Continuum really is a strange beast of a film. A science-fiction thriller that actually lacks much in the way of thrills, this is another of those movies where the better prepared you are going in, the more likely you are to enjoy the whole...

DVD Review: Nightcrawler

When I first heard about the film Nightcrawler, I envisioned a movie about a creepy serial killer stalking the streets. And, even though the film is about a loner paparazzo, it is increasingly clear to see I wasn’t far wrong in my initial...

DVD Review: Wolves

In recent years, compelling representations of werewolves in modern cinema have been few and far between, with the depiction of the fearsome lycanthropes as big fluffy cuddly toys in the Twilight series as the complete nadir. David Hayter, known for his...

Blu-Ray Review: The Other

When Hollywood leading man Tom Tryon (I Married A Monster from Outer Space, The Cardinal) realised the roles were drying up, he decided to write a book. That book, The Other, was a gothic psychological horror that took readers deeply and convincingly into the...

DVD Review: Hardware

A mysterious man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and breathing apparatus walks the red hot desert wastes of a post-apocalyptic Earth. He is a Nomad and he finds a metal skull buried in the sand, a few feet away from a cautiously twitching metal hand. The Nomad...

DVD Review: Blackwood

British horror is my go-to genre. When I’m sick of Hollywood’s spatter-fests of blood and guts (and over-amped CGI) I feel I can always rely on low-budget British horror to go back to basics with things that go bump in the night and things not appearing...

DVD Review: Rabid

When it comes to the body-horror sub-genre, there’s nobody quite like David Cronenberg. Whether it be James Woods stuffing a video cassette in his gut in Videodrome, organic gaming devices in eXistenZ or Jeff Goldblum going all gooey in The Fly, the...

DVD Review: Badge Of Honor

By Liam Freeman Wallowing in the seedy underbelly of the police force, Badge Of Honor focuses on two narcotics detectives who wrongfully shoot an unarmed kid in a brutal drugs raid, triggering an intense investigation with an internal affairs...

DVD Review: Throwback

Ever had that feeling where, a good way through a film, you feel that you must, just have to, be missing something? You know what I mean – you’re settled in, watching a film that everybody else has given a hearty thumbs up to, and about an hour in...

DVD Review: Scar Tissue

It’s been twenty years since a heavily armed police SWAT team led by the hard-bitten Snowdon (Shaun Dingwall) brutally ended serial child murderer Edward Jansen’s (Pete Lee-Wilson) reign of terror, tracking him to his subterranean lair and executing him...