DVD Review: Treehouse

Yet another film on the seemingly endless conveyor belt of movies marketed as something they are not, Treehouse is a teen thriller masquerading as a horror flick. In fact, this time around even the makers are at fault, with the opening scenes suggesting...

DVD Review: Oculus

So, you’ve just made Absentia, one of the best horror films, arguably one of the best films, of the last few years, on a shoestring; an eerie, unsettling, chilling little movie, a film that climbs inside your head and keeps you awake at night. And no...

DVD Review: Cold In July

The fourth feature film from Jim Mickle (director of the wonderful Stake Land and We Are What We Are), there’s just something about Cold In July. Something grimy. Something sleazy. Something unsettling. Something dark and taboo. Something that sings to your...

DVD Review: Edge Of Tomorrow

It’s the near future and a parasitic alien race, the Mimics, have invaded the Earth, subjugating mainland Europe. After being stupid enough to piss off commanding officer, General Brigham (Brendan Gleeson), cowardly army spin doctor Major William Cage (Tom...

DVD Review: Kite

In the near future dystopian aftermath of a global financial crash where children are commodities to be trafficked for sex, orphaned drug-addicted teen amnesiac assassin Sawa (India Eisley) wages her own personal war against the Emir, the mysterious crime...

DVD Review: A Million Ways To Die In The West

When fast-talking but cowardly sheep farmer Albert (Seth MacFarlane) backs out of a gunfight his fickle, shallow girlfriend, local schoolmarm Louise (Amanda Seyfried) dumps him for the vain, foppish Foy (Neil Patrick Harris), who runs the local Moustachery, a...

DVD Review: Dark Touch

A creepy kid flick that frustrates as much as it excites, Dark Touch is one of those films that demands an audience’s concentration. It’s not that there is any great debate going on, it’s just that the film flits from idea to idea, discarding...

DVD Review: Blood Ties

It’s ‘70s Noo Yawk, a time of sideburns, ill-advised moustaches, big collars and wah-wah guitar funk. Tough, charismatic, career criminal Chris (Clive Owen) is paroled from prison and into the care of his reluctant younger brother, Frank (Billy Crudup), a...

DVD Review: Reaper

Occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, a film comes along that appears so bad, so big a mess, that you honestly think you must have missed something along the way. You know what I mean – the fact that perhaps you dozed off and missed an important...

DVD Review: Afflicted

Arriving on DVD after picking up some very healthy buzz on the festival circuit, Afflicted is a film that finally, at long, long last, delivers something fresh in the found footage arena. Mixing up vampires, gory violence and some Chronicle-esque...

DVD Review: Ninja Apocalypse

I’m pretty sure that anybody picking up Ninja Apocalypse knows what they are letting themselves in for, right? You want a lot of entertaining fight scenes, some cursory dialogue and a sense of fun, yeah? Well, Ninja Apocalypse scores in the first two...

DVD Review: Wolf Creek 2

Although it has been a good few years since I saw it at the cinema, Wolf Creek is one of those films that hangs with you for quite a while. Grim, downbeat and pretty nasty in places, the 2005 Aussie hit was a real gut-punch of a movie. Which is why...

DVD Review: RPG

In part a techno take on Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, and in part a musing on mankind’s quest for eternal youth, RPG is a film high on ideas, but less so in terms of actual quality. It’s still definitely worth a watch, and at 100 minutes far from...