DVD Review: Viral

A reasonably enjoyable watch, but covering no new ground if truth be told, Viral is one of those films that has pretty much vanished from memory as soon as the credits roll. A mix of infection chiller and zombie carnage, this is very much teen horror...

DVD Review: Wolf Creek – The TV Series

I hated Wolf Creek. Released in 2005 (and drawing on the real-life crimes of Outback serial killer Ivan Milat as well as the Peter Falconio case), I thought the movie was a grubby wallow in the reptile brain of Australian masculinity and badly wanted a...

DVD Review: Never Let Go

Taking every parent’s worst nightmare and ramping it up to near-hysterical levels, Never Let Go is a ballsy, kinetic abduction thriller that proves a thrilling watch. Showcasing an eye-catching turn from lead Angela Dixon, Howard J Ford’s effort is a...

Rental review: The Landlord

Much of horror cinema classically has played on our fears of the unknown, of the supernatural and the other…something fantastical that we cannot fully comprehend with anything other than fear. One only needs to look at the lasting legacy of creatures such...
Copy of LAKE NOWHERE - Still 2

Rental Review: Lake Nowhere

Drawing explicitly on the classics of the video era such as Friday the 13th, Rabid, and The Evil Dead, Lake Nowhere is an exuberant blast from the past that immerses itself in horror history to distil a wonderfully attuned work of genre adoration, making the...

DVD Review: Jane Got A Gun

Hoping to find a more welcoming home on its DVD release than its blink-and-you’ve-missed-it cinema outing earlier this year, Jane Got A Gun proves a satisfying, if somewhat underwhelming watch. A western that is part action flick, part brutal revenger...

DVD Review: Identicals

How far would you go to make your life perfect? To start again, remake yourself, reboot your life? To be the best version of you that you can be? Would you walk out on your old life, abandon everyone and everything you’ve ever known, turn your back on the...

DVD Review: Disorder

Back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan with intermittent hearing loss and a major case of PTSD, French Special Forces soldier Vincent (Matthias Schoenaerts) takes a temporary security job, with some other moonlighting serviceman, guarding the Cote d’Azur...

DVD Review: Visions

Following a tragic car crash that leaves an infant dead, expectant mother Eveleigh (Isla Fisher) and her husband David (Anson Mount) swap their hectic big city lifestyles for the simpler pleasures of the country. Seeking a fresh start, the couple buys a...

DVD Review: Pandemic

In the wake of the ballyhoo surrounding Hardcore Henry, the vogue of the first person perspective seems in a prime position to flood the cinematic market…for better or for worse. Not without its problems, it’s unquestionable that, as a technique, it holds...

DVD Review: Phantom Halo

Phantom Halo is a story of abuse and love lost in the maelstrom of broken dreams, promises and hope. The film focuses centrally on two brothers, Samuel and Beckett, as they struggle through a life that revolves around scamming, scheming and clinging onto the...

DVD Review: Cherry Tree

Clearly aiming for emotive and scary, but instead coming across as cheesy and camp, Cherry Tree proves a disappointing watch. A modern-day tale of witchcraft and demonic spawn, David Keating’s flick certainly has plenty of interesting ideas – it just...

Rental Review: Hacked

OK, so here’s a poser for you: Let’s just say you are a heavily pregnant young woman, living in a large house on your own, when you receive a phone call from your younger sister. She seems quite hysterical, screaming at you that somebody is in the...

DVD Review: Scream Park

An ultra low-budget slasher that never manages to break free of the shackles imposed by its lack of funds, Scream Park has plenty of ideas and potential, only to end up squandering most of those opportunities. A carve-up set at a crumbling (and about to...

DVD Review: Curve

A taut, claustrophobic, lo-fi chiller, Curve dials things right down to a combination of woman versus man, and woman versus the elements, and just about succeeds. Revisiting the classic genre stopping-off point of the hitchhiker with a secret to hide, Iain...

DVD Review: Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s classic tale of twisted science and the nature of existence has stimulated the imagination since it’s debut in 1818, and it’s constant adaptation on stage and screen in the years that have followed illustrates its power, and the cultural...