Blu-ray Review: Two For The Road

‘Two for the Road’ stars Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney as Mark and Joanna Wallace, a married couple in crisis. When we first meet them they are barely speaking. When they sit on the plane they make sure there is an empty seat between them and Mark...

DVD Review: Left Behind

By Liam Freeman Confusion, awkward acting and Nicolas Cage all add up to nothing much in Left Behind, a film which will leave you wondering “what in the world did I just watch?” Released in some unfortunate parts of the world late last year, it has...

DVD Review: Way Down In Chinatown

When the husband and wife writer / director team of Victor and Jessica Mitchum (Justin Dray & Stephanie Sanditz) receive the go-ahead to stage a new theatre production, Victor doesn’t want to fall back on one of his old scripts. He wants to create...

Blu-Ray Review: Metropolis

Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ needs no introduction. It is indisputably one of the most famous silent films of all time and even those who have just a fleeting interest in cinema will be familiar with the title and the iconic image of Robot-Maria who still...

DVD Review: Shoah

There’s no adequate way to describe a film as monumentally important as Shoah in a single review. A myriad of critics and scholars have discussed Claude Lanzmann’s extraordinary documentary before, with far more intelligence and insight than I ever could....

DVD Review: Wakolda

By Ben Winkley In 1960, as the chill of the Cold War was beginning to be felt from Saigon to Stuttgart, the final details of the Second World War were still being worked out in South America. Wakolda, an Argentinian drama of great restraint and high...

DVD Review: As Above, So Below

I have always had a love-hate affair with found footage films. Although, I fear recent offerings have forced me to slip on the spectrum closer to hate. Paranormal Activity in 2007 was genuinely one of my favourite horror offerings in recent years. It was...

DVD Review: Exorcism

When a crew of young filmmakers shoots a horror movie in an abandoned house where, almost fifty years earlier, an exorcism took place… well… you can guess the results won’t be good. Blood spatters, ancient evil is awakened, and not even God knows if any...

DVD Review: Lucy

There are stupid films, and then there is Lucy. But, before anybody casts a glance across that opening sentence and presumes I’m about to go on and tell you to give the film a miss, think again. For Lucy belongs in that very select bracket of films...

DVD Review: Honeymoon

A pair of young newlyweds, Paul (Harry Treadaway, Brothers Of The Head) and Bea (Rose Leslie, Game Of Thrones) travel to Bea’s family’s remote lakeside holiday cabin in the woods for their honeymoon. They meet an old flame of Bea’s, a teen holiday...

DVD Review: Dead Snow 2

Nazis. Zombies. Snow – what more fun could zombie-genre fans want? A sequel showcasing more of the same, obviously. Violent Nazi zombies emerged from the Scandinavian snow to reclaim a treasure in the first feature, simply titled Dead Snow, and its...

DVD Review: Beyond

BEYOND starts promisingly. Cole (Richard J. Danum) foils a grocery store robbery but the counter boy Michael (Paul Brannigan) gets shot. While Cole cradles a possibly dying Michael in his arms, the TV on the wall warns about an enormous meteor approaching the...

Blu-ray Review: Intolerance

After dividing audiences with his incredibly powerful but racially flawed (and somewhat misogynistic) epic ‘The Birth of a Nation’, pioneering filmmaker D.W. Griffith turned his attention to a much more intimate project he entitled ‘The Mother and the...
"Spione"D 1927/28Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Gerda Maurus

Blu-ray Review: Spione (Spies)

There’s a moment in ‘Spione’ when our hero, a love-struck spy who has just discovered he’s lost his heart to an agent from the enemy side, wanders the street with posters advertising the movie ‘Metropolis’ pasted row upon row on the wall behind...

Blu-ray Review: The Thief Of Bagdad

When the charming street-thief Ahmed (Douglas Fairbanks) breaks into Baghdad Palace with the aim of stealing some treasure, it is the beautiful sleeping Princess (Julianne Johnston) who steals his heart instead. So begins a swashbuckling adventure that takes...

DVD Review: Grand Piano

Essentially a thrilling short story stretched to near breaking point in terms of its running time, Grand Piano marks another stage in the intriguing recent career of Elijah Wood. From Maniac to Open Windows to current cinema release Set Fire To The Stars,...