It cannot have been that often that Frightfest welcomes a Cannes Festival award-winner to the London genre shindig, but in the shape of Knocking director Frida Kempff they have just that.

A winner for her short film Micky Bader back in 2010, Swedish director Kempff is actually making her feature debut with this outing, and here’s some blurb:

Knocking is a twisty, claustrophobic and gut-wrenching thriller streaked with horror, from director and Cannes winner Frida Kempff (Winter Buoy), with a fierce and soul-baring central performance from Cecilia Milocco (Involuntary). A woman (Molly) who has just experienced a traumatic incident is unnerved by a haunting knocking sound from upstairs in her new apartment building. As the noises become more desperate and increasingly sound like cries for help, she confronts her neighbours, but it seems no one else can hear them. In an unsettling quest for truth, Molly soon realizes that no one believes her, and begins to question if she even believes herself – a realization that is perhaps even more chilling.

Here’s a trailer…

Billed as ‘Relic meets Saint Maud’ by one critic (which sounds good to me) FrightFest Presents and Signature Entertainment present Knocking at FrightFest 29th August and on Digital Platforms 15th November.

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