From The Vault: April Fools DaySeriously, April Fool’s Day is possibly the most infuriating movie you’ll ever sit through.

It starts typically enough, with a bunch of overly-cliched kids making their merry way to a friend’s house for a few days for the April Fool’s weekend.

There’s the sporty jocks, the nerds with the video camera, the classroom babes, oddballs with names like Muffy – all joking and all flirting with each other as they take the ferry to their mate’s house which happens to be on a secluded island.

Along the way, accidents happen which are then shown to be elaborate jokes and this pattern continues once our group of teenagers arrive at their destination.

At first these pranks are rather charming, but after the 4th time it gets a bit tiresome and I actually found myself willing some knife-wielding slasher to come along and take these characters out in the most grisly fashion imaginable.

Luckily, in the third act things are taken up a notch and we finally see some true perilous situations for our annoyingly smug characters and while normally I would take no pleasure in other people’s pain, it was with a serious amount of delight to witness both the pace and body count pick up.

Sadly, April Fool’s Day is mired by all the trademark cliches that you would expect from an 80s slasher – cats jumping out onto characters (because cats really do that, don’t they), creepy characters that are blatantly serial killers etc – and the whole affair all gets rather ho-hum.

The final act of the film is easily the most insulting element, partly because it thinks it is being clever and it’s not, and partly (spoiler!) because it rids the film of any tension, reducing the previous 90 minutes to nothing more than an amateur dramatics class.

There is really very little positive to say about this film – about the best I can muster up is that Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen in Back To The Future) is in it and while he is nowhere near as entertaining as he is in Back To The Future, it was distracting enough to make me forget how boring the film was.

If you’re thinking of watching April Fool’s Day soon (for obvious reasons) you should really think twice about it, as the joke will be on you.

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