If you are an avid movie watcher, you may notice several movies that are based on popular video games and movies that have video game adaptations. You may notice a common factor between the two trends: popularity. Being popular or widely-known is the driving force in both the entertainment and gaming industries to pursue game-to-movie or movie-to-game adaptations. Contrary to the common conception of people that some movies are mostly lately being based on popular games, but not the other way around, there are actually plenty of movies that became popular games (personal favourites include The Matrix and the Bourne series). We’ll leave the rest of the list to you, but here’s three films that became popular games. 

Jurassic Park

This Steven Spielberg movie made its big movie screen debut in 1993, and has spawned several subsequent films such as Jurassic Park II (The Lost World, 1997), Jurassic Park III (2001) and the recent string of successful Jurassic World films starting with the 2015 hit Jurassic World, Jurassic World II (Fallen Kingdom, 2018) and the upcoming Jurassic World III in 2021. The franchise is enjoying wide success not just in the films, but also in the game adaptations that sprang out from it. A huge variety of games have been created since the 1993 film – including popular Lego variations. Several video game companies such as Sega, Ocean Software and DreamWorks Interactive entered into a deal with Universal to publish games based on this franchise. Also, several theme parks and rides based on this popular series were opened in Universal Studios Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore. Even casino game developers have joined in with agreements with Universal to make game themes based on this franchise. With more than two decades of history, Jurassic Park is still enjoying financial success through game adaptations and reinventing its stories for the newer generation of viewers. 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Another hugely popular franchise that spanned for decades is the Terminator series. This James Cameron film franchise focuses on the dystopian theme of humans being pitted in a battle for survival against the synthetic intelligent machines made by Skynet, particularly the terminator models. Following the box office success of its predecessor, Terminator 2 skyrocketed the popularity and success of the franchise to greater heights. Several years later, the Terminator franchise still enjoys success with several re-imaginings of the original film. The Judgment Day installment of the series also became a popular game adaptation that spans across 2 decades. Although considered a classic game and a popular collector’s item in some of its early video game incarnations, its legacy still lives on in the world of casino gaming. Casino games developer, Microgaming, has created several games, including slot machines based on Terminator 2 movie. This game serves as a connection of young and seasoned casino players to the hit 90s movie. 

The Dark Knight

This is a popular alternate name to one DC’s most popular superheroes, Batman, and also a successful film franchise by Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Trilogy has enjoyed huge commercial success and following across different generations of viewers, including millennials. This fact solidifies the status of Batman as a popular superhero character that is known across generations. More than half a century from character’s incarnation as a comic-book superhero, Batman, a.k.a. The Dark Knight has conquered the entertainment and gaming industries. Several video game consoles have featured Batman games since 1986, making it one of the most notable classic video games. Also, casino game developers recognized the potential of The Dark Knight’s popularity and joined in a deal with Hollywood to create online slot games with this superhero theme. This has since become one of the most recognizable online casino slot games.

By now, several other films may have come to mind and you may have remembered other games that were actually based on films (like horror favourites Saw or Friday the 13th for example). The marriage of Hollywood movies and the gaming industry has long been celebrated with several crossover films and games. Whether you’re an avid movie watcher, a gamer or both, and even if you rarely do these things at all, you’ll still be amazed to know the connection between movies and games and how they have enjoyed success and popularity over time. 

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