An orphan who’s bounced from foster home to foster home while growing up, Grace’s (Samara Weaving) dreams of being part of a loving family seem finally to be coming true when she finally marries Alex (Mark O’Brien), prodigal son of the wealthy Le Domas clan. It’s just a shame that her new family are closer to the Addams or Manson Families!

Father Tony (Henry Czerny) makes no secret of the fact that he disapproves of the lower class Grace, seeing her as a gold-digger, mother Becky (Andie MacDowell) is cool and elegant but not exactly warm, alcoholic brother and best man Daniel (Adam Brody) who hits on her, sister Emelie (Melanie Scrofano) is a coked up mess who misses the ceremony and Aunt Helene (Nicky Guadagni) is a ball of viciousness and bubbling rage. Having made their fortune in board and card games (think a sociopathic Parker Brothers…), the family are obsessed with games and rituals and, rather than spend her wedding night alone with her husband, Grace is expected to play a game, drawn at random from a deck of cards, before she can truly be considered a member of true member of the family.

Most of the games are exactly that; harmless timewasters like Chess, Old Maid, Poker or Whist. Unfortunately, Grace draws Hide And Seek. You see, the family owes their good fortune to a pact Great Grandfather made with the Devil and every so often he expects his due. Soon Grace is running for her life as the Le Domas’ arm themselves and hunt her down, intent on killing her before sunrise. You can choose your friends but not your family…

A wedding isn’t a wedding until a fight breaks out but in Ready Or Not the family feud degenerates into full-tilt class warfare as a murderous family of 1%ers hunt down the cuckoo in their nest with impunity.  Bloody, brutal and fun, the Radio Silence team are back with this comedic, Satanic offering, a satirical riff on The Most Dangerous Game, a notion that seems all too plausible in our current political climate when braying buffoons with a cavalier attitude towards the law and the poor have hijacked the governments on both sides of the pond, it’s hardly a stretch to envisage them getting away with murder.

As the embattled, and increasingly bloody, bride Samara Weaving shines, a vulnerable, relatable heroine who is as funny as she is indomitable and there’s strong support from a delicious cast that includes a wonderfully imperious Henry Czerny, an elegant Andie MacDowell and a wonderfully louche Adam Brody who, almost, steals the show as the alcoholic and morally conflicted brother-in-law. But make no mistake, this is Weaving’s film and she owns every subversive moment as she turns the tables on the entitled, and far from effectual, parasites hunting her (one bumbling aristo having to take time out from the chase to watch a YouTube instructional video on how to use a crossbow…), their incompetence and sense of privilege as essential to her survival as her own guts, determination and ingenuity.

The action is slick, bloody and, at times, hilariously shocking – the rate this family goes through maids will make you gasp – and directors Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett amusingly subvert the conventions of the survival horror genre even as they celebrate it, one kick-ass, fist-raising, final girl “Hell, yeah!” moment when Grace gets tooled up is neatly deflated when she discovers the weapon she’s chosen is merely for show, the film toying with our audience expectations even as the Le Domas’ toy with Grace before a gruesome and splattery final act emancipation.

The redheaded bastard child of The Philadelphia Story and The Purge, Ready Or Not is a twisted, thrilling and wickedly funny rollercoaster ride perfect for a Saturday night.

Movie Review: Ready Or Not
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