Escaping a top-secret military base, gutsy soldier Maria and a superhuman test subject TS-347 find themselves fleeing in a zombie apocalypse. Their high action world collides with that of Pedro, a regular guy who has awoken from his birthday celebrations both hung over and oblivious to the carnage that has overtaken the world. This ragtag team will have to escape to safety…but what threats await? And will Pedro be able to prove himself a hero…or even actually competent in the slightest?

Mutant Blast is brash, splatter laden and utterly bonkers. How many films have a man sized French lobster battle it out with with hoodie sporting, katana wielding dolphin?! It’s such a joy to see a film willing to commit to the sheer fun and surreal potential of a mutated post apocalyptic scenario. It’s willing to push the practical gore effects beyond believability, but that lightness of tone and spirit of humour makes takes you on the bizarro ride.

The film feels perfectly suited to the Troma label, but unlike some of their other output, Mutant Blast manages to blend the gross out without the excessive offensive that has become something of a trademark of Troma. There is an intelligence and love that is abundantly clear within the film through the retro style and the very DIY sensibility that runs through the film; you can feel the effort and creativity the filmmakers have dedicated to the film, building an aesthetic and attitude that is utterly infectious.

Mutant Blast is precisely as the title exclaims…a blast! Irreverent, silly and schlocky, it’s a low-fi treat that delivers splatter fun with just the right tones of retro and surreal delights.

Arrow Video Frightfest Review: Mutant Blast
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