Dezzy is a supremely talented painter confronting the most devastating affliction that can strike an artist: an artistic drought. Struggling to shake the block, she embarks on an odyssey of extremity on the streets of LA in order to complete her masterpiece. But as the overwhelming haze of drugs, sex, sleaze and death drags her deeper into the darkness, what will Dezzy ultimately become?

Bliss sees Begos take his genre cinema focus, but amps up the stylisation to an almost manic degree. The texture of the 16mm film stock is seductively tactile; like a kaleidoscope worn down by course sandpaper, it’s a beautiful and utterly perfect choice to reflect the collision between Dezzy’s artistic hunger and her growing hunger for blood. Indeed, Bliss feels like the biggest step so far in Begos’ personal development, and without a doubt alongside cinematographer Mike Testin, his most expressive achievement so far.

Unfortunately in spite of the many highs (if you excuse the pun) there is something in the excess that conversely holds it back from reaching the fullest potential of the psychedelic, gritty horror it pursues. The overall feeling dilutes the films rather than working alongside the most explosive expressions of camera motion, lighting and audio distortion that at the same time looks to pulverise the viewer. It’s a dizzying balance, but just occasionally, like Dezzy, finds itself off balance.

Bliss is an incredible work of visual hysteria filtered through a nightmarish lens in the hazy chaos of LA. While the film never truly escapes the indulgences of its façade, at its best it’s a whirlwind of artistic nitro glycerine, where sound and vision reverberate with cannibalistic desire and destruction.  It’s Color Me Blood Red on narcotics…Strap in, bug out and sink your teeth right in!

Arrow Video Frightfest Review: Bliss
3.5Overall Score
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