Brutal, full of twists and turns and, at times, suffocatingly tense, Feedback is one of those little gems that Frightfest throw up every year that take us pleasantly by surprise.

Okay, it stars Eddie Marsan in the lead role so perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised, but definitely chalk this one up in the ‘better than expected’ category.

Marsan is Jarvis Dolan, a talk radio host who fronts the show ‘Grim Reality’, a hard-hitting shock jock who enjoys nothing more than prodding the dark underbelly of topical debate.

Told to tone things down by his station boss (Anthony Head), Marsan is having none of it, intent on his usual rants on Brexit, celebrity and other such rich fodder.

But things take a turn for the very sinister when the studio is hijacked by a couple of armed (and masked) raiders, who seem intent on holding Marsan and fellow presenter Andrew (Paul Anderson) hostage, forcing them to admit to crimes on air – even if things have to turn very violent for them to do so…

Feedback is a very simple affair and is, in all honesty, a subtle twist on the home invasion formula that has served the horror genre so well over recent years.

But Pedro C Alonso’s effort really works due to the fact that, as the film unravels, you are never really sure as an audience just where your loyalties should lie.

Rather than black and white with villains and good guys Feedback is very much grey, with revelation after revelation leaving the viewer in an emotional flux, second-guessing just where the plot will head next.

Most notably, none of it feels contrived – or too over the top – and at no point did I feel cheated.

Marsan anchors the film tremendously, as his character, so used to being in control and getting his own way, slowly realises that he is not the one holding the aces this time.

Excellent support comes from the likes of Ivana Baquero and genre favourite Richard Brake as the heavies that turn out to be far more rounded characters than the genre usually affords.

And the violence (there is plenty of it as the film unwinds) is pretty harsh, with a sledgehammer as the very potent weapon of choice. Feedback is probably not the best film playing at Frightfest, but as a lean 90 minutes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, it does the job very nicely.

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