As well as delivering the freshest cuts of new horror cinema, Frightfest has always served to celebrate cult cinema’s past, whether that be celebrating classics that have defined the genre or giving a platform for hidden gems that have alluded audiences. This year, audiences get the chance to discover Macoto Tezuka’s fabulous oddity, The Legend of the Stardust Brothers.

Inspired by meeting a Japanese musician who had created a soundtrack for a film that didn’t even exist, Tezuka’s film charts the rise of a young manufactured pop duo, and the inevitable decent as fame, fortune and Machiavellian influence warp their world.

Channeling the camp wonders of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Phantom of the Paradise, The Legend of the Stardust Brothers looks a delirious musical romp sure to dazzle and delight with its sheer zaniness, leaving audiences singing long into the night.

The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers screens at Frightfest on Sunday, August 25.

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