It takes a lot to stand out as the most bonkers, brash and unique film at Frightfest…but this year, it’s going to be difficult to not give the WTF crown to Valeri Milev’s Bullets of Justice.

Set in the wasteland left behind by World War III, mankind’s place at the top of the food chain has been taken by the Muzzles, a human pig hybrid species that now farms and eats humans. With humanity under the hoof of this horror, only Rob Justice, an ex bounty hunter, takes on the mission to destroy Muzzle Central and save mankind.

Post-apocalyptic wasteland. Check. Flesh-eating pig men. Check. Danny Trejo. Absolutely check! However, more than just a whirlwind of the gratuitous, Milev’s film looks like the perfect jolt of energy to invigorate the midnight crowds in search of true exploitation thrills.

And if it didn’t need reiterating…Flesh. Eating. Pig. Men! How could that possibly be missed?!

Bullets Of Justice screens at Frightfest on Friday, August 23.

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