Since his breakout Almost Human, Joe Begos has been a force to admire in terms of genre thrills, independent spirit and a sheer passion for retro cult delights. His second feature, The Mind’s Eye was an incredible ode to the psychokinetic thrillers of the 70’s and 80’s, and a standout of Frightfest Glasgow back in 2016. Now he makes his return to Frightfest, with a new decent into horror that blends his taste for genre nostalgia with a fiercely contemporary edge.

Dezzy is a supremely talented painter confronting the most devastating affliction that can strike an artist: an artistic drought. Struggling to shake the block, she embarks on an odyssey of extremity on the streets of LA in order to complete her masterpiece. But as the overwhelming haze of drugs, sex, sleaze and death drags her deeper into the darkness, what will Dezzy ultimately become?

Bliss looks like it has the potential to be a modern Driller Killer, an explosion of depravity in the age of social isolation and miscommunication, where the fragile line of sanity blurs and the hunger to create warps into a desire to consume and destroy.

With a cast that includes Dora Madison, Tru Collins and Rhys Wakefield, Bliss makes it bow at Frightfest on Friday, August 23.

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