Posing as an innocent teenager, thief Amber (Elyse Dufour) cons her way into the mansion of wealthy occult expert Ted Hooper (Joe Walz) under the pretext of babysitting his neurotic, reclusive son Kevin (Jack Champion).

When Ted goes on a date with neighbour Charlotte (Deanna Meske), leaving Kevin and Charlotte’s spoilt son Ronnie (Bailey Campbell) in her care, Amber cases the property and arranges for accomplices Rod (Jermaine Rivers) and Lindsey (Amber Neukum) and sorta boyfriend Martin (J. Benedict Larmore) to come help her empty the house of valuables.

But upstairs in his father’s study, Kevin and Ronnie stumble upon one of Ted’s most precious possessions, a cursed book, and unwittingly summon from Hell a vicious trio of child-murdering witches executed at Salem, the Three Mothers.

When the Three Mothers trap the thieves in the house and plan to use Kevin in an unholy sacrifice, it’s up to Amber to save him and send the witches back to Hell…

Neon-splashed, synth-driven, blood splattered and very funny, The Night Sitter is a virtual jukebox of low-budget ‘80s horror classics that, much like it’s tough, larcenous heroine Amber, doesn’t so much pay homage to horror masters Argento and Carpenter as come over to babysit for them and then empty their houses into a van, robbing them blind.

While young Champion’s prospective victim Kevin is, for once, a kid you don’t want to see immediately horrifically slaughtered (unlike Bailey Campbell’s wildly obnoxious Ronnie) and Ben Barlow is fun as neighbourhood geek Vincent, a heavy metal and witchcraft-obsessed nerd who lives in the garage of the house next door and may just be the gang’s best chance of survival (at least for a while), The Night Sitter belongs, appropriately enough to it’s titular Final Girl. Sassy and spiky, Dufour’s Amber is no tooled-up Amazon but a tough, human heroine, determined to save her young charge from a fate worse than death.

A fittingly gory, splashily violent tribute to the glorious ‘80s horror B-movies you grew up on, Bruhn & Rocco’s The Night Sitter may be derivative but it’s a wild, fun ride best enjoyed on VHS with friends, beer and cheap tonic wine.

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