We are always up for a bit of weird here at Movie Ramblings, and if that bit of weird also features Steven Berkoff then we are very interested.

Which is why, here we are, promoting the November release of The Last Faust, courtesy of artist and filmmaker Philip Humm – billed as ‘the world’s first cinematic adaptation of Goethe’s medieval masterpiece Faust 1 & 2’…

Here’s the synopsis:

The movie has transposed the 500-year old allegorical tale of Faust’s pact with the Devil to Silicon Valley in the year 2059. Humanity is on the brink of extinction as Artificial Intelligence (AI) heralds a new dawn of technological superiority.

The film stars screen and theatre legend Steven Berkoff as damned tech CEO Dr. Goodfellow. It also stars Martin Hancock as Faust and Glyn Dilley as Mephisto. This audacious production is the directorial debut of the London-based German artist, Philipp Humm. Co-directed by Dominik Wieschermann, the film has condensed 
Goethe’s epic into a 108-minute feature film.

And here’s a trailer:

The Last Faust Official Trailer https://philipphumm.art/the-last-faust/ from Last Faust on Vimeo.

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