The Leprechaun

Jennifer Aniston before the “Rachel” haircut

Some films are just so batshit mental, you can’t help but enjoy them for their sheer stupidity.

Leprechaun is definitely one of those films.

Starring Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston (way before Friends and the “Rachel” haircut that made her a household name), the film tells the story of a group of people moving into an old house, being terrorised by the gold loving and psychopathic leprechaun.

Featuring characters such as Tory (Aniston), Nathan – a 90s rent-a-hunk, Alex – an annoying little brat and Ozzie – a man so dumb, he seems to believe that his own stupidity can be cured with an operation.

In a nutshell, someone steals a couple of gold coins from the little green fella and he decides to go on a killing spree until he gets every last coin back. Little bit harsh really, he isn’t even bothered if the people he is killing are innocent. Clearly, the little bugger doesn’t see things in black and white meaning he is literally green with envy.

The Leprechaun may be small, but he is surprisingly resourceful.

During the film’s duration we see him driving a small car, skateboarding, roller skating, doing convincing impressions of cats and pogoing some poor individual to death.

Naturally, the leprechaun has a few weaknesses – the main one being four leaf clovers, which are like kryptonite to him.  However, the most bizarre weakness that he has is the fact that he is obsessed with cleaning shoes.

If this film is anything to go by, if you ever find yourself at the top of a leprechaun’s most wanted list, just toss a couple of dirty shoes in his general direction and it should keep him busy enough allowing you a few minutes to escape.

Now, you may laugh at the concept and execution of Leprechaun, but the film had a budget of around $900,000 and raked in a domestic profit of $8,556,940.  Not only that Leprechaun spawned several sequels, which if you ask me is proof that the public occasionally enjoys a good bit of pointless trash.

It’s ultimately fun and completely daft. It’s also great to see Warwick Davis, an actor so accustomed to playing family friendly roles, hamming it up as a little Irish psychopath and enjoying it.

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