As we are at the start of the New Year, we have decided to come up with a list of must-see movies by genre. Our aim when creating this article was that every one of you will look for the following movies so you can enjoy them as much as we enjoyed watching them – if you haven’t seen them before of course. Note that in our must-see movies for 2019, we have decided to start with a countdown of the best gambling movies to watch – and mixed up the well-known with the lesser-known. If by the time you finish watching the following movies you feel the urge to partake in gambling, you can visit and play at NetBet some highly profitable casino games.

Ocean’s Eleven

There are two Ocean’s Eleven movies (not counting the sequels/reboot) but the most popular one – box office-wise – was the 2001 remake. The 2001 Ocean’s Eleven remake follows the same script as the original 1960 Ocean’s Eleven. However, because the 2001 remake features some popular faces such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney, it has become the go-to movie. Regardless of which of the two you decide to settle for, note that in this movie you will watch one of the most daring heists in history. After spending a few years in prison, conman Danny Ocean decides to retire from his trade but before he does so, he wants one fat paycheck. To get his paycheck, he decides to commit a daring heist with the intention of stealing $150 million. Danny Ocean targets three casinos that he will hit at once together with his partners in crime. With a perfect plan, Danny Ocean implements that plan.

Hard Eight

Hard Eight is a movie which perfectly portrays the good and the bad of gambling. A professional gambler (Philip Baker Hall) meets a young man (John C Reilly) who has just visited Las Vegas for the first time in the hope of making a quick buck in order to pay for his mother’s funeral. Feeling pity for the young man, Philip Baker Hall decides to teach the young man the skills of the trade. The two ‘friends’ soon go on a winning spree. However, as John (Reilly) is about to depart and return home for his mother’s funeral, he realises that things were not as simple as he was imagining.


21 is a movie based on the tales of the MIT group. The MIT group was infamous during the 1990s during which time, they swindled casinos through card counting. A university professor recruited a team of math’s geniuses. He went on to teach them card counting and when everyone was ready, they raided casinos using their special abilities to turn the house edge to the player’s advantage. After landing some pretty big wins, the group’s luck runs out when a security team at one casino decides to pay close attention to the group’s winning tactics. While the movie is a must watch, there are some who say it does injustice to the tales of the MIT group as it does not cover an extensive period. The real MIT group raided casinos for a period which spans over a decade!

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