By Jake Sapsford

‘The Super’ is a horror/thriller which not only kept me gripped throughout, but also gave me one hell of a surprise at the end.

The movie begins with an eerie and creepy atmosphere as a couple are introduced, and both are brutally murdered in a New York City apartment building. Phil Lodge, (Patrick John Flueger) is a widowed father who has taken a new job as a superintendent in the same building. His two daughters and him, seven-year-old Rose (Mattea Conforti) and sulky teenager Violet (Taylor Richardson) move into the building as he starts his new job.

Phil is introduced to caretaker Julio (Yul Vazquez) and the mysterious Walter (Val Kilmer), as more and more residents of the facility begin to be murdered or rendered missing. Walter starts to act in a creepy and bizarre manner around Phil’s children, as Phil begins to experience a series of chilling nightmares. With help from fellow resident Beverly (Louisa Krause) and Julio, Phil must protect his family from the growing threat of the seemingly sinister Walter. However, it will eventually become apparent that the real culprit of the film may be closer to home than thought…

The opening sequence of the movie is filmed and directed precisely to create a frightening premise. I believe that the director Stephan Rick used point of view camera shots from the perspective of the killer. They stalk the female victim known only as the teacher (Kim Director). This was clever because it built up the tension for the audience and gave a sense that someone was watching her. It also introduced the diegetic sound of the music box. That was a nice reference point for audience members, who expected to see blood whenever this sound was heard. It was also a chilling addition because the slow piano audio of a music box is an iconic sound in horror, still effective in scaring audiences.

There was also great and unexpected character development. I was visibly frustrated with Violet until the climax of the film. She appeared to me as a stereotypically sulky and frustrated teenager, who was jealous of her little sister whenever she got Phil’s attention. I was originally irritated because this stereotype is so common, and very overused. However, I was pleasantly surprised as it was finally revealed why she behaved like that. She certainly had good reason. She changed in my eyes from a sulky teenager to more of a suffering victim, and this created sympathy for her character that wasn’t present earlier in the film.

The acting from Flueger, Conforti and even Richardson was on point. Especially outstanding was Conforti, who portrayed an extended acting range for such a young age. Kilmer in a comeback role was also excellent as creepy Walter.

The movie uses elements of horror that would satisfy audiences in the month of Halloween ahead of its download release date of 22nd October 2018. I’d also recommend it as a thrilling ride of twists and turns that keeps the audience guessing until the end. Well, I certainly was.

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