The first Predator film was exceptional. Not only was it a finely made Dirty Dozen military affair blended with a good dose of sci-fi survival horror, it’s arguably one of Arnie’s best films.

No sequel was ever gonna live up to a predecessor that has the line “I ain’t got time to bleed”. It’s just not possible.

Yet, the writers of the first film still gave it a go and director Stephen Hopkins took on the challenge of telling a Predator story in the urban jungle of Los Angeles.

With a new location, a new hero had to be introduced, so Danny Glover stepped forward as the tough, no bullshit taking cop, Michael Harrigan.

Last time I saw Predator 2 must of been about 15 years ago. I loved it at the time and thought it was quite a worthy sequel to the original.

Looking back on it now, it’s left me with mixed feelings. Whilst there’s some great scenes and ideas (which I’ll get to later), there are certain aspects of the film do feel a little half hearted.

One major issue is the score. Alan Silvestri’s score was used to brilliant effect in the first film, but during Predator 2 it is repeated again and again and again – something that leads me to wonder if they even bothered to record a single unique note for the whole thing.

Another issue is that there is no getting away from the fact that Predator 2 presents a late 80’s vision of what the late 90’s would be like. With violence ruining the streets and sword wielding Rastas on every street corner, the writers showed little restraint with their vision of a very near dystopian future.

Despite these mild problems, there are some great scenes that make Predator 2 a worthy addition to the series.

One of my favourites is when the predator attacks a number of gang members on an underground train. Cutting out the power, we see the events unfold in strobing lights, as the camera cuts away to the panicking commuters scurrying away on the next carriage.

Predator 2 also makes a good attempt to explain more about the extraterrestrial safari hunter.

This time round, the rasta-reptile has new and improved weaponary – including an uber sharp edged Frisbee and a selection of different vision settings.

The predator was also given a bit of a visual overhaul, making him look more urban – leading some well respected critics to label the film racist. An accusation in my opinion, that is not only baseless, but completely preposterous. I’m guessing that they didn’t notice the leading man was Danny Glover!

There is certainly room for improvement with Predator 2. We don’t get to know the characters nearly as much as we’d like to and part of me can’t forgive the film makers for putting that alien skull in the predators trophy cabinet (had it been forsaken, we’d have been spared AvP – both of them!).

But at the same time, it’s hardly the complete disaster it could have been. Danny Glover is superb, it’s fast paced and Bill Paxton is in it, what more do you need?

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