By Tony Baker

The legend of, and public fascination with, Elvis Presley shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

And Presley really is the gift that keeps on giving for music fans, with every year seemingly throwing up another anniversary that can be revisited and celebrated.

2018 is no different, marking the 50th anniversary of the legendary 68 Comeback Special, so it’s great to see this performance making its way back into cinemas.

It may seem strange to think of a time when Elvis was unsure of his standing in the music business, but in late 1968 that really was the case, with Presley having spent much of the decade indulging himself in the movie business.

Keen to reconnect with a younger audience, Presley saw TV as the way to go and the 68 Comeback Special is a fascinating insight into the great man’s career – at times vulnerable, but right on top of his game, rattling through classics like Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender and Hound Dog.

Obviously filmed for the small screen, Elvis is such a towering presence that it works tremendously well in a cinematic setting, backed by having an adoring crowd on hand in the form of the TV audience.

It is all smooth, foot-tapping stuff, but, as we all know, any self-respecting fan of the King would probably have sat through this material countless times.

To combat this, the makers of this project throw in a fascinating interview with the director of the special, Steve Binder – interviewed by Priscilla Presley no less.

Interviewed on the very soundstage the 68 Comeback Special was recorded on, this bonus content is manna from heaven for Presley fans and fully justifies the re-release, offering great insight into the project and Elvis himself.

The 68 Comeback Special will obviously delight any hardcore fans of the man himself, but it is also a timely reminder to passers-by of just how big a presence (and star) he was – the likes of which we will probably never see again.

Roll on the next anniversary!



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