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Writer/director Kate Shenton has been a favourite at Movie Ramblings towers for some time now – from her eye-catching short films such as Gimp and Bon Appetit, to documentary On Tender Hooks and then scathing (and hilarious) industry satire Egomaniac.

Heck, we even interviewed Kate a couple of years back as we were so impressed by her work – and you can check that out here:

Well, the great news for us – and you – is that Shenton is back in a big way, unleashing web series Netfl!x And Kill onto audiences last weekend via the Hex Studios Youtube channel.

A web series with a difference, Netfl!x and Kill showcases the comedic talents of the Twins Macabre – Adam Rhys-Davies and Nic Lamont – as serial killer and prospective victim respectively, featuring in a series of sketches that both poke fun at and warmly embrace the genre we love.

Kate agreed to answer a few of our questions on the condition we did not give the game away on how the series would end – so here goes…


Q. First of all, could you talk us through how you moved from your last project, Frightfest favourite Egomaniac, into a web series?

I’ve wanted to make a web series for a really long time.  I always loved the idea of releasing something each week and attempting a more episodic way of writing a story. I think the nice thing about writing something like a web series is there is no end to the story. A feature film can have a very definitive end, unless you do a sequel which can cost a lot of money. With the web series you can do season after season and keep the story going. It was a really fun way of telling a story on a low-budget. After releasing EGOMANIAC on Hex Media YouTube Channel myself and Laurie Brewster talked about the idea of doing a web series for the channel. Couple of days later I had written the first draft of Netfl!x and Kill.


Q. The show is dark and funny without ever straying into the surreal or the grotesque. It feels closer to a classic sitcom like The Odd Couple than it does to The League Of Gentlemen. What inspired you?

I’ve always loved British TV comedy and a lot of the biggest inspirations for my writing come from those shows. Shows like The Royle Family, The Thick of It, Fawlty Towers, Black Adder and Extras have had a huge influence on the kind comedy I like. I love a dry naturalistic comedy performed in a deadpan way, but I am also drawn to very weird and surreal characters. This is what I hoped to achieve in Netfl!x and Kill. For me it’s very much a love letter to the British sitcoms, but with a horror twist. A very dark story told with a pitch of British tweeness.


Q. You’re working again with Nic Lamont and Adam Rhys-Davies who starred in your feature Egomaniac. Did you write Nefli!x and Kill with them in mind?

Very much so! I love working with Nic Lamont and Adam Rhys-Davies and I wanted to write something that would really showcase their comedy talents. They always bring a lot of ideas to the table and there improv skills are fantastic. Many of the funniest lines and moments come from them, not the original script.  We always have a huge amount of fun working together and it’s always a very collaborative experience.

Kate Shenton (standing) with cast and crew


Q. In each episode, Adam’s character is dressed as a different movie monster/serial killer (Chucky, Pinhead etc). How did you choose those?

Being honest it was a very practical decision.  It was judged by which costumes that I could afford within the budget!


Q. The show is almost like a twisted version of Gogglebox. Was that ever a consideration? To make it a weekly , ongoing show commenting on/critiquing the nation’s viewing habits but through the eyes of a serial killer and his victim?

For this the aim was definitely to have a season with an overall story arc. As you said it is most definitely a very twisted love story and that was always what was at the heart of the writing. I think that some of the most important moments of our life actually happened whilst we are just sitting and watching the TV. Romance, Heartbreak, friendships are all the rollercoaster experiences we can have when just sitting and watching the telly. Such a simple part of our lives can reflect complex drama and that’s what I wanted in Netfl!x and Kill. It’s about the story inbetween the small talk dialogue.


Q. Your social media channels have shown you at work in some pretty interesting locations in Bruges recently. Can you give us a hint at what’s next for you?

Well, I would love to make Netfl!x and Kill Season Two. I’ve really loved making this project and feel that there is so much more fun to be had with it. Also I like the idea of making a Christmas special. In Bruges during my Starlight Residency with Melancholy Star Studio I was working on turning a TV pilot idea of mine into a web series. It’s called Dead in Love and is a completely mental idea. I had a fantastic time developing the project with Melancholy Star I would highly recommend the Starlight Residency to other writers.


Netfl!x And Kill can be viewed here:


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