An idea so good it’s almost surprising no one’s done it before, Egomaniac director Kate Shenton returns with 8-part web series Netfl!x And Kill, riffing on Gogglebox and The Collector to bring us a twisted, darkly funny, and surprisingly sweet sitcom about a very, very Odd Couple. 

With a new episode going live every Saturday night on the Hex Studios YouTube channel (, Netfl!x And Kill charts the comic quasi-romance between a serial killer (Adam Rhys-Davies) and his feisty, but all too willing, victim (Nic Lamont) as they chill on the sofa, watch The Crown (American Horror Story being just that little bit too nasty and gory for Rhys-Davies’ psychopath) and together plan Lamont’s murder. 

Restricting herself to one location (the killer’s living room) and aping the single-camera look and feel of some of our traditional sitcoms, Shenton’s unselfconscious love of classic British telly shines through. Netfl!x And Chill feels almost like The Royle Family with a body count, the cozy domesticity of the set-up queasily at odds with the chains, blood splatters and machete, the TV not quite drowning out the muffled cries of an unseen kidnapped victim in the next room even as killer and victim bicker like an old married couple about the etiquette of him bringing home another victim while she’s still there. 

Reuniting with comedy duo the Twins Macabre, Nic Lamont and Adam Rhys-Davies, who previously starred in her wonderful, no-budget cult feature Egomaniac, Shenton’s Netfl!x And Kill, at it’s heart, is a love story, a tale of two lonely, alienated souls finding and connecting with one another, however briefly, Lamont particularly good as the strong-willed, dominant victim. 

Dark, charming and very funny, serial killer comedies just shouldn’t be as sweet as Kate Shenton’s Netfl!x And Kill.

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