Adding to the burgeoning cupboard marked ‘sequels nobody actually asked for but here they are anyway’, Escape Plan 2 rolls into UK cinemas with the minimum of fanfare and fuss.

Which is all well and good really, as this supposed Stallone vehicle may be slick enough, but it has precious little to mark it out from the crowd and pretty much disappears from memory while the closing credits still roll.

My opening gambit here is slightly off track as, while the Stallone/Arnie original did decent numbers a few years back, in Asia it went down really well, meaning the real thrust of Escape Plan 2 comes in the shape of Shu (Xiaoming Huang), a black ops type who finds himself shut down in a new, hi-tech super prison dubbed Hades.

Shu worked for Stallone’s Ray Breslin, carrying out missions across the globe and when former colleague Kimbral (Wes Chatham) gets thrown out by Sly, Kimbral takes it upon himself to hide away for a year, build a prison nobody can supposedly escape from, and then lure Breslin and his cronies to try their luck.

If that all sounds pretty silly that is because it is, with the storyline making no real sense (who are these other prisoners for example?) – but, then again, I’m not sure director Steven Miller and co want you to think too much anyway.

Anyone expecting some Stallone/Dave Bautista beatdown thanks to the poster/sleeve will be very much disappointed, as Stallone skulks in the background for much of the running time, while Bautista’s involvement is strictly cameo and nothing more.

There are a few nifty fight sequences that showcase what Huang is capable of, but they are buried under an avalanche of dodgy CGI, exposition that confuses rather than enlightens and some tech mumbo-jumbo delivered courtesy of Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson – yes, you read that right…

Escape Plan 2 does not outlive its welcome, clocking in at about the 90-minute mark, and you barely have pause for breath from one action sequence to the next.

But there are simply no surprises and, as an audience member, you just don’t care about what is unspooling in front of you.

Escape Plan 2 is not a particularly bad film in all honesty, it just has nothing that could ever make you describe it as a good one.

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