Bad Samaritan may be billed as an American film, but there’s plenty of talent closer to home on show.

For starters, the bad guy – a ‘sadistic serial killer’ no less – is played by none other than David Tennant, giving his horror chops another spin after his turn as Peter Vincent in the Fright Night remake back in 2011.

His quarry in this slick opus is Irish actor Robert Sheehan, a favourite here at Movie Ramblings for a whole host of performances, including his hypnotic turn as a cannibal/shaman in the recent series of Fortitude.

Here’s the synopsis:

A small-time crook who runs a valet parking scam, robbing rich client’s houses while they dine at a fancy Italian restaurant, inadvertently stumbles upon a far more dangerous criminal – a sadistic serial killer played ‘Doctor Who’ star David Tennant – earning a chance to redeem himself in this down-and-dirty, armrest-clutching shocker. Directed by Dean (GEOSTORM) Devlin as an audacious throwback to such 90s thrillers as AMERICAN PSYCHO, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, CAPE FEAR and THE VANISHING, this crazy and outrageous jump-scare exploiter piles on the suspense and rips along at a nonstop pace to mine chilling contemporary paranoia.

The likes of Kerry (Better Call Saul) Condon, Jacqueline Byers and Lisa Brenner round out the cast, with the film getting its UK premiere on opening night at Frightfest – Thursday, August 23.

Here’s a trailer for you:

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