Spectacular Optical have done it again with their latest offering, which takes on the far-from-easy task of attempting to drag together all (or as many as they could find at least) the horrific big and small-screen offerings that are linked to the festive season.

Curated by genre gurus Kier-La Janisse and Paul Corupe and featuring such stellar contributors as Kim Newman, Stephen Thrower and many, many more, it is a safe bet to say even the most hardened horror fans will find new knowledge within its many pages – I know I did.

After all, this is a book that ticks off the somewhat obvious – Bob Clark’s seminal Black Christmas, the furore over the original release of Silent Night, Deadly Night – but also goes way beyond that, with chapters looking at The League of Gentlemen’s festive specials, the BBC’s ‘A Ghost Story At Christmas’ series, and even Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

The key success of the book is how it is written though – this is no stuffy, academically-heavy tome that puts one to sleep a few pages in. Yes, the text is extremely well written, referenced and researched, but it has also been compiled in a thoughtful, insightful way that practically begs the reader to scour the internet looking for some of these lesser-known titles.

It really is one of those ‘why has nobody done this before’ titles and there is little doubt I shall return to this book time and time again – and not just when the snow begins to fall each year.

Fabulously researched, entertainingly written and furnished with an excellent use of images, this is quite simply an essential purchase.


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Book Review: Yuletide Terror
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Simon is a journalism tutor in London, who also just happens to be a movie fanatic, with a craving for the darker side of cinema. He has written three books - on the horror films of director Bob Clark (2014), the history of the character Norman Bates (2015) and the work of British exploitation director Pete Walker (2017). He is currently working with director Richard Loncraine to explore all avenues in a bid to orchestrate the re-release of 1978 Mia Farrow chiller Full Circle