Literally shoveling shit for a living emptying septic tanks, Chip (Matthew Gray Guber) isn’t exactly one of life’s winners. But he’s happy, content almost, and puppyishly in love with his dominating former stripper/hooker girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord). Liza’s far from content though and when her repulsive sugar daddy is stupid enough to gloat about the $68,000 he’s got stashed in his safe overnight, well, what’s a girl to do? 

What Liza does is hatch a plan to steal the money. That 68 grand is her and Chip’s ticket to a new life, or at least a better one. They’ll wait until nightfall, they’ll break in, they’ll steal the money and they’ll blow town. No fuss, no muss. The guns she’s packing are just for show, just in case. No one is getting hurt. 

Obviously, things don’t go to plan. 

When the sociopathic Liza murders the sugar daddy and his wife and abducts scantily-clad sex worker and sole witness Violet (Ashley Boe) intending to sell the hapless girl to her perverted serial killer brother (yup, 68 Kill is that kinda film folks…), submissive loser Chip finally grows a pair and skedaddles with the money and the girl. But Liza is not the kinda girl you walk out on… 

A trailer trashy slice of Southern gonzo pulp noir, 68 Kill is a splashily violent, cheerfully amoral caper so determined to achieve cult status it’s almost exhausting to sit through, the thick stripe of misogyny running through it would be offensive if it wasn’t so pantomime. As it is, 68 Kill’s fear of the fairer sex still leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, with even an obese serial killer with a surgical fetish proving less of a threat to poor, good-natured, fundamentally decent Chip than the women in his life while even the gas station Goth (the brilliant Sheila Vand of A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) he buys petrol from turns out to be a stone-cold psychopath, the matriarch of a tribe of homicidal hillbilly trailer trash, intent on killing him slowly. 

As the gormless Chip, Criminal Minds alumnus Matthew Gray Gubler is a likable schmuck, like Job in the Bible, shit just happens to him. Regularly beaten, robbed, threatened, drugged, left for dead and led astray, he’s a plaything for the film’s violent femmes, none more fatale than Excision and 90210 star AnnaLyne McCord whose dangerous, demented, twitchy and sexy turn as Liza is an amoral joy but, for all it’s likability, 68 Kill drags when she’s not burning up the screen, sticking like the fly in honey motif that opens the film. There’s strong support too from the always watchable Vand while Ashley Boe’s Violet is as sweet and winning as she is tough and funny. 

Directed and co-written by Cheap Thrills writer Trent Haaga, there’s a punk sensibility to 68 Kills’ Loony Tunes day-glo aesthetic but it’s too often the soft-ass modern skater punk of Blink-182 and Sum 41. Though you’ve gotta love any film that turns it up to 10 and stages a beat down to Suicidal Rap Orgy’s far from radio-friendly Anal Sucking Fun, Vand’s speedfreak Goth getting off as she goes to town on Gubler with a baseball bat.   

Fun but ultimately forgettable, 68 Kill tries just that little too hard.   

DVD Review: 68 Kill
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