San Diego is hands-down my favourite place on the planet anyway – the beaches, the breeze, the ocean, the baseball and the food.

Throw in the fact it houses Comic Con every year and it becomes even harder to beat – sadly the only time I had tickets to attend the pop culture shindig, summer flight costs proved prohibitive, but the CC week is still a true gift from the gods for film/TV junkies.

Rather than go into any great details, here’s a simple back-to-back of some of the biggest trailers making waves this year, in case you want to check them out again.

First up, here’s Blade Runner 2049:


Next up we have Spielberg’s Ready Player One – having devoured the novel in one sitting on its original release, safe to say we are greatly anticipating this one:
Now we’ll throw in Thor: Ragnarok – I think we all enjoyed the teaser when it landed months back, so here’s the full trailer (complete with 80s tinge) – and it looks great:
Keeping the superhero vibe going, it would be rude of us not to check in with DC as they launched their heavyweight Justice League with this eyecatcher:
Just to throw in some TV for this first selection, how about the trailer for the much-anticipated Stranger Things season two (complete with Vincent Price ‘Thriller’ voiceover):

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