You want mercy? Play by the rules

Here at Movie Ramblings we are big fans of the Saw franchise – in fact, the way the series is casually dismissed by most critics really gets my goat.

Sure the last entry, Saw 3D, was poor and everything the previous entries were not – but the Saw films were far removed from the ‘torture porn’ moniker hastily thrown around by people who had not actually seen the films themselves.

The Saw franchise not only rewarded fans, but the storyline practically demanded you watched the films in order, leaving a trail of clues, hints and revelations as they went along.

I must admit, I was not exactly clamouring for another Saw movie as it seemed to have run its course, but here with are with Jigsaw, set for Halloween and with the first trailer having dropped.

The trick this time seems to be that classic concept of a ‘copycat’, allowing plenty of devilish traps and even the appearance of the puppet Billy.

We don’t know much more than that, but the flick is directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, who have the excellent Predestination and Daybreakers on their resume.

The likes of Laura Vandervoort and Callum Keith Rennie round out the cast – Tobin Bell’s name also appears, but as to whether that is simply voiceover work we’re not yet sure.

Here’s the trailer anyway:


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