British revenge chiller Accountable intrigued us as soon as it was unveiled on the Frightfest roster for 2017.

For starters, we’re in awe of the work Matthew Heaven put in to this – writing, directing, editing, casting, producing and financing the film on his own, putting together a budget of £10,000 and shooting the project in a whirlwind ten days.

Having ploughed through a couple of shorts ahead of this, Heaven had certainly cut his teeth the hard way – and indeed, Accountable originally began life as another short, before the writer/director found himself reeled in to the story.

As for the filming, well here’s what Heaven himself had to say: ‘It was the kind of experience a debut feature film director working on a shoestring strives for: a cast and crew willing to put their arses on the line and hit the challenging schedule I asked of them, a production bustling with determination and creativity, and an experience that poured petrol on the flames of desperation I have to create more work that audiences are thrilled by. My next project can’t begin soon enough.’

Back to the current film though, and here’s Accountable’s synopsis:

Driven by a fantastic performance from headliner Oliver Towner, ACCOUNTABLE proves what can be achieved on a micro-budget with imagination, a great twisty script and a commitment to quality production values. Warren Matthews is an angry and directionless young man struggling to contain his formidable temper. But before long circumstances cause him to reluctantly enlist the services of a local psychiatrist to help him confront damaging past events fuelling his future angst. A score must be settled according to his fractured psyche, someone must be held accountable. Keep your eyes on director Matthew Heaven, he’s one to watch.

And here’s the trailer for the film, which gets its world premiere at Frightfest on Friday, August 25:



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