We all love a good Australian horror – and Frightfest has given us some corkers over the years.

Hoping to continue that winning trend is Adam Graveley’s 3rd Night, a new riff on the home invasion chiller – or, in this case, the ‘home watching’ chiller.

The film marks the feature debut for Graveley (with 2014 short Karen the other item on his resume) and he has certainly gone all in here – writing, directing, producing and editing the project.

Here’s the synopsis:

A young couple decides to move to an Australian orchard surrounded by natural bushland to escape the madness of modern life. But they soon get the feeling their property is being watched by someone with sinister intentions. Then they find out their house has a past history and that after terrorizing his victims for a couple of days the unknown Watcher always kills his victims on the 3rd night. Tick, tock, time is running out… Informed by the classic horrors LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, ROSEMARY’S BABY and THE WICKER MAN, this outback shocker is based on true events.

Leading the cast are the likes of Jesse McGinn, Robert Hartburn and Bruce Denny.

We’ve got the trailer here below, which certainly suggests a tense old affair, so we’ll look forward to this one when it lands in London for its world premiere on Saturday, August 26.

Here’s the trailer:


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