Remember Hostel? Where poor tourists are abducted and cut up in various fun but creepy and bloody ways? Then you don’t need to watch Kidnap Capital, its timid little brother.

I’ve seen some great reviews and the cast caught my attention (Pedro Miguel Arce, Paulino Nunes and Michelle Arvizu – all from The Strain no less), but it feels like the film just never gets started and it could have done with a bit more momentum and back story. In fact, a lot more.

The idea behind it is great – illegal immigrants reaching America are kidnapped mid-crossing and held for ransom by a small time gang looking to make some quick cash.

The only flaw being illegal immigrants generally aren’t rolling in money, unless of course you hole them up in a room for a few days and smash their fingers with a hammer for a bit, right? Wrong.

As the immigrants are kidnapped in groups they are brought back to a seemingly peaceful part of the suburbs, bundled in a small room and left there in their pants until they are called one-by-one to make a phone call to try and get hold of thousands of dollars in order to secure their safe release. Those who can’t are given days to keep phoning and are returned to the room before the next attempt, but with some broken fingers.

While there were individual narratives briefly whispered between hammer smashes, they were only brief flashbacks. Where there was a whole opportunity to explore the back story of every main character in the film – their lives, the crossing, how and why did they end up here – we got nothing. Nothing apart from dirty pants and that room for 90 minutes, which for me was such a disappointment.

I believe I was supposed to care if the main character Manolo (Jonathan Sousa) made it out alive with his pregnant partner, but how could I when he was some random man I knew nothing about?

There were whole chunks that could be cut out and replaced, which would have made such a difference to the outcome of the film and provided an opportunity to put some real meat and substance into it.

Call me a bore but the issue of immigration is massive right now and the film didn’t even touch on it. I am at a loss trying to work out what the point in it was. There was no horror, no shock factor, no real plot (poor people in room, bad people hit poor people) AND to top it off the ending was predictable. The horror fans among you will be disappointed, I assure you.



Blood In The Snow Review: Kidnap Capital
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