I know, I know – it’s a pretty niche market, but we love movies and the language of love! Check out these films if you’re looking for some French lottery-themed entertainment! Don’t forget to buy your lottery ticket first, you know, just to enter the atmosphere of dreaming to hit it big! Enjoy!

La Liste de mes Envies (The List of My Desires)

This is the newest movie on our list — released May 2014 in France — and watching it should be on your list of desires. Based on the 2012 best-selling novel by Grégoire Delacourt, the movie takes us to lovely Arras in Northern France. The plot follows Jocelyne, a wife and blogger, and her husband Jocelyn, a worker at the local Haagen-Dazs factory. Jocelyne enjoys her life, but she often daydreams about how life could have been if things had gone differently. Her friends want her to buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket — how will her life change after that? Watch and see.

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Le Million (The Million)

From our newest to the oldest. Le Million is a musical-comedy film that premiered in 1931. The lottery has always fascinated filmmakers! In the film, we meet an artist suffering financially, harassed constantly by creditors. His luck seemingly flips when he finds out he won a Dutch lottery worth a million florins. The winning ticket was in his jackpot pocket, but when he goes to collect it, he finds out that his fiancée Beatrice has given away the jacket with the ticket still in it. Song, dance, adventure and a little luck ensue.

Les Tuches (The Tuches)

This 2011 comedy film follows the ups and downs of the Tuche family. The family is a large one — Jeff, an ex-comedian and father of three; Cathy, housewife and superfan of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco; two sons, one daughter, grandma, and the dog. One day their lives change dramatically when they win a €100 million lottery jackpot and decide to move to Monaco per Cathy’s dreams. Hilarity and mishaps are guaranteed for these newly-minted millionaires.

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