Pet tells the story of animal shelter worker Seth (Dominic Monaghan), who, after being rejected by high school crush Holly (Ksenia Solo), decides the best way to change her mind is to lock her up in an animal cage underneath the shelter.

Director Carles Torrens paints a dark, gloomy and at times claustrophobic world, where nothing is quite as it seems.  Often, the only real light we see comes from the fluorescent lamps that adorn the shelter, indicative of the artificial nature of the relationship Seth is trying to enforce on Holly.

The real success of Pet comes from the performances of Monaghan and Solo.  As Seth, Monaghan presents us with a socially awkward, disconnected, lonely man, who seemingly has spent years alone, isolated, either by choice or by his nature.  It is difficult to say too much about Solo’s performance, as doing so would give away too much, and for maximum effect, you are best watching Pet knowing as little as possible.  So let me simply say, Solo is a revelation, challenging the perception of what audiences have come to expect from the ‘victim.’

Pet is an unpredictable tale of manipulation, control and the picking apart of the human psyche.  Torrens blurs the lines of love, and wanting to save someone, which leaves us, the audience guessing right up to the closing minutes who it is that really needs saving.

A interesting look at the complexities of love, and the lengths a person will go to attain, and hold on to it.

Horror Channel Frightfest review: Pet
3.5Overall Score
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