Promising some healthy bloodshed in an eye-catching location (and with a neat killer to boot), The Windmill Massacre very much looks as though it could do what it says on the tin.

The feature debut from Dutch director Nick Jongerius (who was producer on the insane-at-times Frankenstein’s Army), the film stars a host of British talent, led by Noah Taylor.

Here’s the synopsis:

A group of unsuspecting tourists awaken a mysterious evil whilst on a trip through the Dutch countryside in a nostalgia-tinged shocker from the FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY creative team. FRIDAY THE 13TH goes Amicus when a coach party embark on a tour of Holland’s windmills. When the bus breaks down, the strangers are forced to seek shelter in a disused barn beside a sinister windmill where, legend has it, a Devil-worshipping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain. As members of the group start disappearing, secrets are revealed that seem to mark them all for doom.  

The trailer suggests some inventive kills, a smattering of humour and some neat scares, and even better news comes in the fact that the film will actually get its world premiere at Frightfest when it lands in London on Monday, August 29.

Here’s the trailer:


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