Throwing some Argentinian horror into the mix, White Coffin looks set to be one of the more interesting titles to hit Frightfest this year.

Scripted (in part) by Adrian Garcia Bogliano, who gave us last year’s Scherzo Diabolico, as well as Penumbra and the ‘B is for Bigfoot’ section of The ABCs of Death, the film stars the likes of Julieta Cardinali, who popped up in director Daniel de la Vega’s fantastically-titled 2014 opus Necrophobia 3D.

Anyhow, here’s the blurb:

Argentine horror steps into a bold new dimension with Daniel de la Vega’s grisly supernatural shocker. Scripted by Latin American genre pioneers Adrian and Ramiro Garcia Bogliano, create a thrilling combo of deft Hammer homage, potent Roger Corman references and WICKER MAN chills.  When Virginia’s young daughter is abducted on a stressful road trip, a sinister car accident grants her one more day to intervene with fate. But on her momentous path she finds out there are worse things than death in a seat-edged tale of after-death resurrection, occult ritualism and unspeakable purpose.

Also starring, among others, Rafael Ferro and Eleonora Wexler, White Coffin gets its UK premiere in London on Friday, August 26.

Here’s a trailer:


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