We all love a good Christmas horror I’m sure – in fact, at a push, I’d say Bob Clark’s seminal 1974 chiller Black Christmas is one of the greatest genre films ever made.

Which is why whenever a new film pops up that promises a heady mix of snow and blood I’m all over it. Throw in genre favourite Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling, Critters etc), some inventive kills and a streak of humour and Red Christmas is definitely on my hit list for Frightfest.

Here’s the official blurb:

You’ll be dreaming of a Fright Christmas with this seasonal shocker, the feature debut from acclaimed Australian comic actor/director Craig Anderson. Matriarch Diane (genre veteran Dee Wallace) has invited her adult children to celebrate one last Christmas in their family home before she sells up and heads to Europe. Amid all the celebrations and domestic dramas, a mysterious stranger calls. Disfigured and cloaked, they invite him in until his extreme religious motives and anti-abortion message launches a rollercoaster of splatter and unearths shattering secrets. With a Silent Night setting, SUSPIRIA-style technicolors and socio-political underpinnings, this is one helluva Christmas cracker.

Also starring the likes of Sarah Bishop, Geoff Morrell and Sam Campbell as the killer, Red Christmas is set for its European premiere at the London shindig on Monday, August 29.

Here’s a neat trailer to tide you over:


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