We’ve been waiting to see what Damon Rickard would do next after lapping up his recent shorts The Tour and The Package.

Well, the wait is over (of sorts) as Damon has released the teaser for his latest short offering, Dissociative.

Once again linking up with leading man Tom Gordon, we don’t have much to go on here, but here’s what Damon had to say when we pushed him for some insight:

Recently I decided to challenge myself as a filmmaker and see what I could accomplish with a stripped back kit, small crew and limited locations. So I set about writing three short films that would fit that criteria and then I wanted to film all of them in two days. 
With Guy Pearson masterfully behind the camera, Paul While on Special FX, Victoria Haywood on make up FX and a cast consisting of Lucy Quinlan, Ryan Spong, Tom Gordon and Amanda Hunt spanning the three films we went for it. Dissociative was the first one that went into post production which stars Tom and Amanda. The last element we needed was a score to bring the whole film together and once again Eric Elick delivered something superb. It’s a brutal tale of how one man’s paranoia can drive him to do unspeakable things. 
It’s very different from what I’ve already done and that was very much intentional. I want to try and deliver something different each time I make a film. Who knows one day I may even do a romantic comedy! ‘


Damon promises some big news at the end of the week, so check back in for that announcement.


Here’s the trailer:

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