Joe Begos delighted genre addicts in search of a true throwback 80s sci fi horror experience in 2014 when he unleashed Almost Human, a film that channelled the industrious and eerie brutality of cult films such as Xtro and Without Warning, and no doubt inspired by the synth laden, formal brilliance of the films of John Carpenter, as well as misunderstood gore-enriched filmmakers such as Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna. Now, Begos returns…and with his new film, The Mind’s Eye, he pays homage to another raft of 70s and 80s cinematic style icons, in particular David Cronenberg and Brian De Palma.

The Mind’s Eye is set in New England in the year 1990; Zack Connors is a telekinetic on the run, a man with the power to control objects with his mind. However, he finds himself captured and thrown into a secret research institute, ruled over by Doctor Slovak, who seeks to tap Zack’s powers for his own twisted intentions. With his life, and the fate of the one he loves on the line, Zack must find a way to escape the horror he finds himself cast into. The Mind’s Eye has been described as a lovechild between The Fury and Scanners (let’s face it, that pretty much sounds like the greatest thing ever, right?!), laden with style and references…and of course, geysers of gore and special effect driven horror.

Almost Human was a fun and surprisingly bold piece of independent filmmaking that showed Begos as a director who has tremendous promise with greater experience and resources at his disposal. The Mind’s Eye looks to be the perfect film to deliver on this promise and give audiences craving a true retro experience, the film they deserve and will ravenously consume! The Mind’s Eye has the chance to not simply be the break out film of the festival, but might prove to be the most exciting and explosive cult film of the year.


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