Sorry it’s been a while since my first blog but it’s been a busy last few weeks. So what have I been up to I hear you cry? Well at least I thought I heard something. Hold on was that it….? No? Oh well I’m going to tell you anyway!

Well for one we got Rats in front of the lens. Starring Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed), Laurence Harvey (Human Centipede 2 & 3, ABCs of Death 2, The Editor, Banjo) and Jessica Messenger (Wasteland, Beneath A Neon Tide), Rats is being directed by Mark Logan and should be a nice and creepy ghoul story. It was a tough pre-production and we encountered a number of problems on set such as the kit turning up late, ghost hunts being around where we needed to film and the camera equipment just not behaving but ultimately it was a very rewarding shoot. We were incredibly lucky to get the location that we used but sadly we can’t reveal where it was. But spending two nights filming in a castle was an amazing experience. Can’t wait for the film to get in front of audiences.

Then there’s been the festivals that The Package has been getting into which means sorting out different methods of the film being played. We’ve been accepted into Scream in the Dark, The Puerto Rico Horror Festival, FrightFest Halloween All-Dayer, Cornwall Horror Festival and The Weekend of Horrors. We’ll be at the last three with the film so get to go from London to Cornwall to Germany in three successive weekends. Be great to see some of you there.

In the midst of all that I have been tidying up my first feature script, edited a friend’s show reel and been doing my day job. Certainly been keeping myself out of trouble. And hopefully before too long I will be prepping my next film and getting back in the director’s chair.

Talking of which, my co-director and the main man behind The Tour, Alex Mathieson, is close to getting his next short film ready to film. Having been told the idea behind it I can safely say it’s a corker. Can’t wait to see him bring it to life.

I’ve also been trying to keep up with my horror film watching and recently had the pleasure of seeing Cooties with a Q&A by Elijah Wood. What an awesome guy he is and Cooties was a really fun film. Gory and very very funny. I also caught Bone Tomahawk at The London Film Festival. When I first heard about it and the premise was a western, horror with Kurt Russell I was immediately sold. And it lived up to my expectations. A wonderful mix of The Unforgiven and Assault on Precinct 13 with Eli Roth levels of Gore, this will be one to catch when it goes on general release.

Next up for me is the already mentioned trips with The Package, a 70mm presentation of The Thing at the Prince Charles Cinema (PCC), a Halloween horror film quiz also at the PCC (highly recommend getting along to that if you can), the Rats edit coming through, finishing the feature script and then hoping to have some relaxation time before getting all geared up for Christmas.

But I will make sure I keep you all updated!


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