In debt to some Russian gangsters BFFs and luckless douchebags Ajay (Ray Panthaki) and Shaan (Adeel Akhtar) have just one night to raise the money or else…well, that part was left kinda vague but these are Russian gangsters. It’s unlikely to be pleasant.

Out of time and out of options they decide to rob the local all-night petrol station only to find the safe has a time lock that won’t open until 6am.

Desperate, they take the manager and a customer hostage, tying them up and hiding them in the office and decide to wait until morning when the safe opens, pretending to work there to alleviate suspicion. After all, what could be more normal than two Asian guys working in an all night garage?

But they reckoned without feisty checkout cashier Levi (Vicky McClure) who was in the storeroom when they took the manager hostage and thinks there’s something not quite right about the store’s new employees.

Forced to deal with a pregnant chav, a foul-mouthed cowboy dwarf, middle class stoners, a heartbroken suicidal businessman, Russian gangsters, the police and the granny from Hell, Ajay and Shaan are in for a long night that’ll push their friendship to breaking point.

Smart, funny and warm, Convenience has already won its debut feature director Keri Collins a Welsh BAFTA. Made on a shoestring Collins keeps it simple, restricting the action to the confines of the store and the petrol station, building tension with the ticking clock and putting their hapless heroes through the wringer as they try to get through the night from Hell.

Despite being a good ten years older than the character she plays really should be, McClure brings her usual spiky intelligence to till girl Levi and there’s a great supporting cast of Anthony Head, Verne Troyer and Tony Way, no prizes for guessing which one plays the cowboy dwarf, but, despite some flirtation between between McClure and Panthaki, the heart of the film is the bromance between Panthaki and Akhtar.

While its never as funny as it thinks it is, with as many jokes missing as hitting, and the plot’s as familiar and safe as a winter blanket there’s a warmth between the actors and a freewheeling indie sensibility about Convenience that keeps you watching and makes it a very welcome antidote to the Mockernee Charlie Big Potatoes gangster movies that cruise the lower budget waters.

Movie Review: Convenience
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