Morgues and horror cinema always make pretty good bedfellows, whether it be lesser-known gems like 1994 Danish flick Nightwatch, or even recent shlockfest See No Evil 2.

So Spanish outing The Corpse Of Anna Fritz already has a lot going for it, and the trailer certainly suggests some near-the-knuckle thrills.

Here’s the synopsis:

The untimely death of beautiful, young actress Anna Fritz has left the world in shock. As fans mourn her sudden passing, her corpse is interred in a hospital morgue where Pau, a young orderly, works. He sends a photo of the star’s naked, lifeless cadaver to his friends, who promptly show up demanding to see the body. Once inside, and with no one in sight, one of them suggests they take advantage of the situation. Much like Jaume Balagueró’s Sleep Tight crafted a stylishly Hitchcockian thriller from a morally reprehensible starting point, The Corpse of Anna Fritz walks the fine line of taste and decency with similar aplomb, resulting in a film that will likely shock and upset as many as it will enthuse. But while this horror story of a celebrity-obsessed world is truly taboo, Hèctor Hernández Vicens’ execution is flawless, never letting up as he twists his way to a killer denouement.

The film marks writer-turned-director Vicens’ first stab at feature films, with only 2007 TV series Pol & Cia to his name behind the camera.

The likes of Albert Carbo, Alba Ribas and Bernat Saumell flesh out the cast, with the film set to screen at the festival on October 7 and 8.

Here’s that trailer:

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