With equal measures of gruesome murders and creative visual effects, Suspension is surprisingly hard to turn away from.

Switching from black and white to colour, in a way that weirdly reminds me of Kill Bill, really appealed to me and caught my attention more than any other slasher-based horror would. The comic book-style graphics alone are amazing.

Ellen MacNevin is the star of this film and portrays underdog Emily perfectly. It’s impossible not to root for her. As the somewhat-damaged daughter of a deranged serial killer, Emily is the victim of high school bullies and is seen as the town’s resident nutter.

Weirdly creative Emily spends her time drawing gruesome pictures and telling her younger mute brother, Jeremy, grisly tales. As time goes on these pictures and stories stop being fiction and start playing out at the hands of her murderous father who has escaped and is on the rampage. Donning the usual creepy horror mask and boiler suit, killer dad is a walking horror cliché so no points for originality there.

As high school party-goers turn up on Emily’s doorstep one by one, the game is on as to who will survive the night.

This flick is obviously low-budget but it’s not painful to watch at all. Suspension is visually appealing and has enough decent actors to qualify as a good movie. At 86 minutes long, I think writer Kevin Mosley could have had a lot more going on. We went from school, to home, to killing spree and for me it wasn’t quite enough to really hook me in but it’s to be expected from a low-budget movie really.

Unfortunately I spotted the plot twist from a mile away.

Without giving too much away, it’s safe to say the twist is by no means new or inventive, those who have seen even the bare minimum of horror films will be able to spot this one halfway through at the very latest. If the ending makes a film for you then you’re probably going to want to give this one a miss.

That being said I still felt inclined to sit through until the end and stick it out, which I’m glad I did. Despite the predictable ending, Suspension has some wonderfully gory murders and a load of fresh faces in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if MacNevin pops up in some more mainstream films next, she’s one to watch out for.

With a dash of comedy thrown in for good measure, most of the required slasher boxes are ticked – gore, crazy killer, house in the middle of nowhere, decent plot, group of stupid kids and a good lead.

This won’t be the best movie you’ve seen in your life but it’s a hell of a lot better than some of the more recent, low-budget ones you’ll see.


Frightfest London review: Suspension
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