As regular visitors to Movie Ramblings will know, one of the short films that we loved over the past year was Alex Mathieson and Damon Rickard’s ‘haunted house with a twist’ effort The Tour.

Well, the great news is that Rickard is back with his latest offering – and it looks great.

The Package is a very different tale, billed as ‘the personal price a man will pay and what lengths he will go to in order to save his own life’.

We caught up with writer/director Rickard after the trailer launch for his thoughts:

“The idea behind The Package was from having seen an incident where I saw someone out of the blue punch someone else. Immediately I thought what a nasty guy. But then I realised I had no idea what that was about. The other guy could have slept with his girlfriend, robbed his mum, well literally anything. Maybe he deserved more than a punch. I liked the idea that in those sort of situations, unless you’ve seen the build up you have no idea what the cause was. The person you presumed was the evil one, you may decide was in fact entirely justified. Its all about escalating degrees of response. What is too far? So I thought I’d explore that a little.

After The Tour I wanted to do something a lot more stripped back. So this is two characters in one location and things may not be as they seem at first. I’ve purposely tried not to spoon feed who the audience should root for. But I may question their moral compass when they tell me who they did haha. The influences behind it are mainly Tarantino and Carpenter (and maybe Tony Scott as I have got a lot of close ups).

Hopefully people who liked The Tour will like this as it is very different in terms of tone and style. I’m very proud of it so fingers crossed.”


The Tour star Tom Gordon returns for The Package, opposite Dan Palmer (who actually pops up in Frightfest entry Banjo).

Here’s the trailer:


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