I’ve just lost about an hour and a half of my life, time I will never retrieve.

Okay, so that may sound like a dramatic opening for a review, but I guess I’m trying to highlight how annoyed I am with the film I just watched. Its funny how precious time becomes when you feel like you haven’t gained anything whilst spending it – and Sinister House (originally titled House of Bad) delivered nothing from start to finish.

Wait, I may be wrong. There was some gratuitous and unnecessary nudity from the female-centric cast – however we all expect an indie horror to deliver some free boob – I think it’s supposed to make up for the low cost effects.

I guess that last comment discredits the indie genre. Of course there is scope for the indie horror/thriller – and more often than not this genre’s offerings can be welcome alternative to the conventions of blood-splattered blockbusters. However, that’s only if you get all the ingredients right, and Sinister House does not.

Sinister House features three sisters on the run as they have a hefty case of stolen heroin on their hands. They decide to hide out for two weeks in their childhood home. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of sibling rivalry as well as a case for going stir crazy. What’s more, their childhood home appears to be haunted by their dead parents. Something horrible happened at this house and the girls just can’t forget it.

The problem is, the pieces of this puzzling story just do not fit together. I have to tip my hat to director and co-writer, Jim Towns. He had a small budget and an even smaller time frame to work in so to create a film at all was definitely an achievement. But, Sinister House was made in a mere eight days of filming – unfortunately, it shows.

There are blurred references to the past, as well as the present – it takes a while to give any reasoning as to why exactly the girls are at the house – plus an overshadowing sense of supernatural, which could in fact be psychological torment.

Are they being haunted? Are they going mad? What exactly is going on? To be honest I wasn’t sure what the film was getting at, and by the end I was certain I didn’t care.




DVD Review: Sinister House
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