Horror has given us many locus of fear over the decades: pandemics that turn people into shuffling cannibalistic nightmares, serial killers with a relentless thirst for violence, creatures from other world’s intent on enslaving and eviscerating.

However, one point of fear that has become less present in recent years is that of the insect. Indeed, there was a time in the 1950s where putting creepy crawlies the size of Godzilla were drive-in gold.

Yet, with the fear of nuclear charged bugs levelling cities being eradicated as Cold War tension defused (and common sense prevailed), insect based scares have been something of a rare treat.

However, at this year’s festival, the schlocky joys of outlandish mutant insects are back in Stung, a creature feature laden that promises tongue in cheek humour and twisted spectacle in abundance. Caterers Paul and Julia are hired to tend to a fancy garden party, hoping the whims of their wealthy host will be their biggest headache. Little do they know something strange has happened to a local species of wasp. Infected by an illegally imported fertilizer, they have mutated into a ferocious swarm…one that aims to plant their eggs inside any human that gets in their way.

The results…are not pretty, and will leave Paul and Julia fighting to survive the night from an insectoid hybrid nightmare. Stung promises to be a throwback to classic creature features of the past, but one laced with venomous humour and charming wit, anchored by an impressively assembled cast, that will leave you…ahem…buzzing (I’ll show myself out) with infectious fun!

Stung screens at Frightfest on opening night – Thursday, August 27.


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Matthew Hammond is a full time cinephile, specializing in cult, art house and 1980s cinema. While film is his overwhelming passion, Matthew has been known to enjoy comic books, Sherlock Holmes stories and a good film related T-shirt. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments: mattpaul250190@gmail.com