It seems as though it is practically impossible nowadays for any horror film trailer to surface without bellowing about some connection to Paranormal Activity or Insidious.

And here we go again with The Lazarus Effect, a resurrection shocker ‘from the producers of’……yep, you’ve guessed it.

Set for its UK bow at Frightfest on Monday, August 31 after doing decent business in the US earlier this year, here’s the synopsis:

Classic horror themes about death, life and the soul are given a scary shot in the arm when a team of researchers believe they’ve discovered a serum that could resurrect the recently deceased.

But before they’re able to reveal their breakthrough to the scientific community, they get shut down accused of playing God.

So they go rogue to recreate their experiments and when one of their number is accidentally electrocuted their journey into the afterlife unknown begins.

The trailer (which we’ve included below) gives a little too much away, but with a cast including the likes of Olivia Wilde, Evan Peters and Mark Duplass we’ll be happy to check this one out.

Here’s that trailer:

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