girlhouse-poster-webbedI’ll be honest, when I watched the trailer for Girl House, my initial enthusiasm for the film was not that high.

It looked cheap, cliched, misogynist and quite dated.

So it was with some reluctance that I stuck the DVD on and watched the Canadian produced horror. Billed as a halloween-style slasher for the digital age, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the film.

By no means is it the best slasher I’ve ever seen and it has got it’s fair share of problems, Girl House goes some way to set itself apart from the other slashers out there.

The premise is pretty simple. A beautiful young college student gets a part-time job working for an x-rated website. She moves into a house which is filmed 24/7 and through the website, users can log on, watch the girls and interact with them. As the film progresses, a deranged hacker known simply as “Loverboy”, becomes obsessed with one of the girls, locates the house and terrorises it’s residents while the websites users helplessly watch.

Directed by Jon Knautz and Trevor Matthews, the film takes a little while to get going, but once it does, the directors and the cast show a remarkable amount of flair and respect for the slasher genre. There are visual hints to the likes of the aforementioned Halloween, along with Friday the 13th and more recently My Little Eye.

Limbs and lives are lost in the progress, all shown with some imaginative death scenes with little left to the imagination. There is also a good amount of humour thrown in, meaning the proceedings never get too ominous.

The villain, Loverboy is also an effective creation as horror characters go and arguably presented as a paradigm on the excessive effects of pornography. Played sympathetically by Slaine, we see Loverboy struggle to cope in society and learn a little about his backstory. Effectively, despite the fact we see him do some pretty despicable things as a child, his performance is enough to make you feel a bit sorry for the character.

Ali Cobrin as Kylie Atkins

Ali Cobrin as Kylie Atkins

Ali Cobrin plays the protagonist, Kylie Atkins and she puts in a pretty solid performance. While the film doesn’t really give her that much to do, Kylie is a likeable character, struggling financially and her motives for what she is doing are delicately handled.

As for the supporting cast, most of them are pretty forgettable and just what you would expect from a slasher movie really (spoiler alert: they turn up, they die). With the exception of Devon, played by Alyson Bath – a character that has a surprisingly strong arc.

As I mentioned earlier, the film is not without faults. It brushes over the effects of Kylie’s job and her relationship with Ben (Adam DiMarco) – a childhood friend who recognise Kylie, finds her and starts dating her (bit stalky if you ask me). One also can’t help but think a more satirical approach over the subject matter could’ve elevated the film above the average slasher that it is. It would’ve been nice if the supporting characters had a bit more depth to them too.

While Girl House is not the cheap cliched and totally misogynistic disaster I was expecting, I’d be lying if I said the film didn’t keep me mildly entertained for it’s 100 minutes running time.

Overall, for fans of the slasher genre it’s worth a watch.

DVD Review: Girl House
By no means the best slasher out there, it goes some way to set itself apart from more recent efforts. Worth a watch if you enjoy the genre.
3.5Overall Score

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