EXCLUSIVE: Bonham Begins Filming Next Short!

It’s been a long time since I blogged. The last time I did was to explain the demise of my fourth short, Keepsake, and the nightmare of losing location 4 days before we began to shoot. A failed Kickstarter; lead actor dropping out and finally the loss of location meant that Keepsake was gone, but not forgotten. As the tagline prematurely predicted: ‘It won’t let you forget’… and It wouldn’t! Four months later and something wonderfully horrific is happening: I took Keepsake, redrafted the story and characters, sourced new locations and, as a result, Mindless was born.

Mindless features Nicholas Vince in the lead and continues in the style of Keepsake as a haunting ghost story with a difference. I have pulled resources left, right, centre, above and below to ensure that Mindless can be unleashed. We now have a reduced cast and crew; all practical effects; one location; 2 days and one helluva determined director at the helm – self funding, and unwilling to let this go :).

I am very happy to announce that Mindless begins principle photography TOMORROW! To save jinxing it, and any added pressure to the project, I kept this under wraps (well, unless you’re my facebook/twitter friend and noticed my cryptic statuses lately). To keep you good people informed on the project’s progress, I will be updating from set for the next two days as we make Mindless come to life for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you to my wonderful cast and crew, who were on hand at three weeks notice, complete with the passion and determination to make this film happen; and, again, big thank you to all the original Keepsake donators (some of whom contributed even after the Kickstarter fell through), and for your generosity in allowing that money be put towards Mindless! It is much appreciated and you guys will be the exclusive few to own Mindless posters and T-shirts!

In addition, we are already in talks with a few festivals interested in screening Mindless this year! I will keep you lovely guys posted!

Thanks for everyone’s support and love!

Camera team assemble!

Much horror love, as always. See you on the other Mindless side…



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Writer/Director Katie Bonham is an avid horror fan, with three successful shorts produced in the past 15 months (her fourth short Keepsake is currently in pre-production). Exploding with ideas, determination and a pragmatic sensibility, Bonham is a talented up and coming director worth looking out for. Katie also reviews for horrortalk.com and cinemachords.com.