Let’s face it, when you come across a crowd-funding project for a retro grindhouse effort entitled Dead Bitch, your interest is going to be well and truly piqued.

And then you find out that said project is steaming in courtesy of rising British horror talent Chelsey Burdon, and the expectation levels are raised even higher.

Burdon has been on many horror fans’ radar (the ones in the know anyways) in this country ever since she unleashed She onto audiences last year – the short film she co-directed with Mark Vessey having played 11 genre festivals (including Frightfest), as well as picking up a couple of award nominations along the way.


But you can even dial things back further than that, with Chelsey’s first outing as director, eye-catching 2013 killer teen short Sweet 6teen, making it onto the Shortcuts to Hell volume 1 release – with good reason.

All this bloody goodness unsurprisingly got Chelsey spotted by those devilish Soska Sisters, who snapped up Burdon to get involved with their 2015 Massive Blood Drive for the getting-bigger-each-year Women In Horror month.

Chelsey’s segment, homeless-person-with-a-sinister-twist offering Spare Some Change, shows off some serious weirdness, and we mean that in a complimentary way.


Which brings us back to Dead Bitch, as the good news is you (yes you) can help Burdon’s latest vision make it to the screen.

Here’s Chelsey to explain a bit more:

Evie, Leah, Lou and Cody make up Red Horizon, a rock band that have already seen their fair share of adventures. But when the corpse of one of their enemies is discovered after a particularly wild night of partying; friendships – and faculties – will be tested as the girls need to figure out what happened, and how to get rid of the body! Dead Bitch! came about as a creative writing venture. It was my attempt at taking characters I know and love, and were at this point very familiar with, and placing them in a different scenario, with a different tone and approach to the genre. I completed the feature script for Red Horizon some years ago, but don’t yet feel ready to embark on a feature film-making voyage, but I DID want to get the characters out into the world and give genre fans a taste of what they are in for with the eventual feature. Dead Bitch felt like the perfect time and way to do this. It is a light-hearted, and fun approach to the genre, paying homage to some of the Grindhouse and B-movie features that we all know and love.

From the start, it was my intention to entirely self-fund this project. The shoot was planned and the budget put together from money that I had saved. We were right at the starting line, ready to go, with everything in place;  the special effects had been made and tested, the costumes and props were all ready and the actors rehearsed, it was set to be full steam ahead. Unfortunately, there was an unforeseeable last minute set back that came with some costs that we had not budgeted for.

Which is where we can all come in and help out, via funding site indiegogo.

Here’s a link to Chelsey’s Dead Bitch page, so if you are in a position to contribute then please do so – British horror needs more people like Burdon making waves:


NOTE: Since we penned this piece, Chelsey has announced that Movie Ramblings fave Katie Bonham will be joining the project as 1st Assistant Director. Let’s just say we’re pretty excited by that – if the prospect of a Burdon/Bonham horror team-up doesn’t intrigue you, then you really need to start re-assessing your tastes!

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