By Liam Freeman

And here we go again – yet another British film that revolves around heists and gangs.

Just that simple sentence is often enough to stir up very mixed opinions, meaning that many films that deserve to be shouted about get swept away with the waves of drek.

And, truth be told, if the simple question concerning In The Blood is whether it is worth watching, or to let it fade out of existence – well In The Blood is one that’s definitely worth watching.

The brutal story of a young man, Johnny (Joe Cole), who’s not only suffering with a broken family but persistent drug abuse, with the added loss of his granddad leaving him struggling to keep his head above the water. Tasked with cracking a safe for a criminal who worked with his granddad, a master safe cracker, we follow a gritty and dramatic story into the life of a criminal’s grandson.

Normally a film like this would be your standard gang-on-gang violence but this has an adrenaline-filled story that reminds me a lot of say Reservoir Dogs rather than Snatch.

There is the matter that the film itself is very English, sometimes overly English but you can’t deny it has a sort of charm to it with every character adding his/her own personality whatever the role.

It’s a story of redemption, it’s a young man trying to overcome his past mistakes and see if he can make a better life for himself but all he has to do is open the safe or else it’s his life on the line.

With solid support from the likes of Philip Davis and Peter Bowles, director Mark Abraham’s effort is definitely worth a look, an interesting story that packs a punch and keeps you watching with a few twists and turn throughout.

DVD Review: In The Blood
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