The new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just hit the web.  After a live stream from the Star Wars Celebration 2015 con, JJ Abrams proudly showed off the new teaser to an arena full of fans.

This article will most likely go into spoiler territory, so if you want remain spoiler free, you might want to click away.

During the broadcast, it was revealed that the desert planet seen in the previous trailer was not Tatooine, but a new planet called Jakku.  A number of amusing anecdotes were also shared, including the fact that John Boyega asked co-star Harrison Ford to sign some of his Star Wars toys.  Kathleen Kennedy also mentioned that going forward, the Star Wars universe will address the balance of strong female characters – something we’re rather pleased to hear.

Newcomer Daisy Ridley said of her character Rey, “She is a scavenger in a ship graveyard. She is very solitary until she meets another character, and an adventure begins.”

John Boyega also confirmed that his character, Finn, will be a stormtrooper who is in incredible danger and the way he reacts changes his life.  He also promised that the way Finn is introduced into the Star Wars universe would be done in a very unique way.

Oscar Isaac referred to Poe Dameron as “the best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy” and that he’s been sent on mission by certain princess.

Kylo Ren - Copyright: Lucasfilm

Kylo Ren – Copyright: Lucasfilm

The trailer itself features a number of new things we’ve not seen yet, including our first look at the mysterious Kylo Ren’s face (well, masked face) and fan favourites Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Needless to say, we cannot wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens which will finally see release 18th December 2015.

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