Apologies for my recent silence! Since I last blogged we were ready to shoot Keepsake that coming weekend; unfortunately, 4 days before, we lost location and were unable to proceed. A big blow to myself and the crew who had worked tirelessly through the trials and tribulations of trying to bring Keepsake to life. We were met with a lot of challenges on this journey; from losing our main means of funding, having to recast the supporting actress twice, crew dropping out left right and centre, and, finally, the nail in the coffin – losing location. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or maybe in my case relentless. I am certainly not giving up on Keepsake!

The main issue with this loss was that we had rigged the poltergeist, created the shot list and determined the lighting and kit specifically around that particular house, so we were not able to find a suitable substitution at the drop of a hat. I also felt that the three months we had dedicated to bringing Keepsake to life did not deserve a last minute compromise in location (which would have further implications on the ‘look’, as well as the practical nightmare of arriving unprepared to an unknown set), so it was with a very heavy and deflated heart that I decided to postpone.

We are looking into resourcing the house at the moment and with working around the cast and crew’s availability; however, we currently have no rescheduled set date, although I am confident it will be over the next few months. I am determined now more than ever to shoot Keepsake and show it to the world! It is a haunting story of humanity, isolation and loneliness (or so I hope. ;)) – something I have faith you will all ‘enjoy’.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has, and still are, donating to Keepsake, despite the Kickstarter not hitting target. You guys really are amazing and showed me that people do care about my films and do want to see them made. And so, I promise to keep everyone updated as soon as we have any news on Keepsake’s production!

In other news: I am very lucky to be involved in various other projects, involving both shorts and features. My next project will be 1st ADing on Damon Rickard’s (The Tour) next film, The Package, which shoots this weekend! And although I cannot offer any more information on the other projects at this time, all will be revealed soon! Thank you to all the people who’ve recommended me and have asked me to come on board for these films. It is going to be a very busy year!

As always, much horror love, Katie.


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Writer/Director Katie Bonham is an avid horror fan, with three successful shorts produced in the past 15 months (her fourth short Keepsake is currently in pre-production). Exploding with ideas, determination and a pragmatic sensibility, Bonham is a talented up and coming director worth looking out for. Katie also reviews for horrortalk.com and cinemachords.com.